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The “Ladies of the Lakes” have been very active in the club since its foundation in 1996. Although lady membership is not large, this does not limit their enjoyment of golf, most fixtures held by the club are a medley format, which means ladies are able to play with their partners.

Ladies play Pennants as part of the Central and Southern Golf Association (CSGA). We have three teams in the Bruce Cup, Brindabella Shield and Bronze Shield competitions. Despite the small pool of players available for pennants play, all teams are very competitive.

The Bronze Shield team has won a total of four pennants 2004, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

The Women’s Sub-Committee, headed by the Women’s Captain, takes responsibility for managing women’s golf within the club

The Inaugural GLGC Women’s Holden Scramble August 2014



Dear Members,

Many of you may already be aware that a new World Handicapping System (WHS) will be introduced on 30 January. Details of the forthcoming changes can be found via this link www.golf.org.au/whs and Golf Australia will shortly … Read More

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The meeting opened with a discussion on the Capital Works Program for 2020.   This part of the meeting was joined by Steven Morgan who has agreed to assist manage projects we do on the course now Norm Loughton … Read More


The club has had to take further steps to protect the diminishing water supply. These steps have now been in place for a couple of weeks and are likely to remain in place until such time as there is … Read More

I have had a request from Shane to implement No social golf from the blue tees for all members and guests. This is to help keep the blue tees in good condition during the “apocalyptic” weather that we are experiencing … Read More

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As you are all aware we have had very little rain over the last six  weeks resulting in declining dam levels on course and,  as such, I thought it important to update you both on the current situation … Read More

We have received a range of questions regarding the Lifestyle membership category arrangements over recent months.  In this context we felt that it would be useful to provide some additional information for members and friends of members who are considering … Read More

Hi everyone With the horrendous conditions that we are currently experiencing can all members that use carts, please keep to the paths and rough. The tyres on the carts get extremely hot during summer and burn the fairways (not what … Read More

Members that have qualified for the 2019 Medal of Medals (Saturday 16th November)


W.Bennett,  K.Flanagan,  Dong Woo Lee,  B.Davis, P.Sukhumparnich,  S.Lee,  B.Davis,  D.Craft,  N.Loughton,  D.Callaghan,  M.Douglass,  S.Makeham,  D.Blacklock,  B.Cody,  P.Webster,  D.McGibbon,  D.Easterby,  R.Easterby,  J.Turvey,  D.Easterby,  A.Julias,  P.Rose,  B.Cody,  P.Roberts,  … Read More

Members that have qualified for the 2019 Midweek Medal of Medals (Wednesday 13th Nov)


S.Woodnan,  B.Webb,  K.Toivonen,  K.Wark,  G.Ely,  N.Richardson,  D.Callaghan,  P.Bates,  B.Duncan,  N.Blencowe,  M.Price,  Dong Woo Lee,  J.Hynes,  D.Gallagher,  D.Gould,  S.Broadhead,  R.Bowen,  B.Egan, M.Urquhart,  P.Smith,  D.Rodda,  G.Deeble,  R.Perinovic,  … Read More

2019 Club Championship Prize winners:

Please note that players can only win one prize, the next best player is awarded if winner of grade/gross/nett has already received a higher prize.

Congratulations to all winners


Club Champion Men


James … Read More