Update from the August Committee meeting.  Apologies for the late posting of these notes

From the President….

  • Front Entrance – Ainslie is working with SpaceLab to get the necessary drawings and a Provisional Order of Costs undertaken for the project. Work is still ongoing.
  • They are supportive of the work proposed.
  • The membership letter will go to members in the near future, likely in the first week of September.
  • There was discussion regarding the club’s hosting of the 2023 Australian Veterans Golf Championships. This is an event that Gungahlin will be one of three clubs who host the event in November of 2023.
  • Water Management Plan – Richard is yet to finish the work required. It will be available for consideration in coming weeks.
  • Jolly Joker monies – We discussed where to next on the issue of money for junior development (outside that provided to Murray). CEO Ainslie is considering a proposal from the Golf Club.
  • Members number as at 13 July stands at 731. Ainslie is aware of our concern around numbers and together with the Golf Club will monitor.

From the Treasurer…

  •  Current available funds = $87,900

The Captains…

  •  Updates were provided from both Kevin and Fiona on the upcoming events. Members have been informed via the website and Facebook.
  • Fiona provided an update on discussions re the refresh of the Spike Bar. There has been good feedback re the morning coffee station – but we will need to utilise this facility, if it is to become permanent. It was noted that we need an EFT option – discussions are continuing with the Ainslie Ops Manager. The Pie warmer is now operating in the Spike Bar.

 The Greens …

  • Greens are being rolled up to three times per week.
  • Regular spraying of greens continues as part of the maintenance program.
  • Mowing is undertaken when required –
  • The projects continue to roll on:
    • The bunker renovation program was going ahead of schedule with the
    • drainage being cleared, drainage boxes being rediscovered and cleared, and new sand being brought.
    • Michael Brice continued with the tree thinning program – and it is proving to be extremely well received. The 17th is visually appealing now with a great view of the pond, and the removal of trees on 5 allows for greater use of the alternate tee.
    • Territory Horticulture has recently reduced plant numbers on the tee box of 12 and 13, as well as the removal of the large shrubs at the front entrance.
  • The back of hole 3 was identified as hazardous through washout, so 15m3 of top[1]soil was introduced to re-level the area and seed was dispersed.
  • The alternate tee on hole 5 was beginning to be enlarged – and about 20% got washed away.
  • The recent rain event (98 mm recorded in 24 hours at the Club) – approximately 20 mm a few days prior to that… we’ve all seen the videos and photos. A huge amount of debris resulted which Shane’s team and Dad’s Army have gradually been removing. With all the moisture in the ground and the prediction is for a wet Spring.  It won’t take much warm weather for the greens staff to be in full maintenance mode – you will be able to watch the grass growing.


  • Noted that after the recent flooding the fake grass strip on the 16th bridge was washed away leaving all the securing screws sticking up. Remedial work to remove the hazard has been undertaken.

Other matters…

The committee considered a number of suggestions:

  • Remove the need to enter competition results in the Canberra Times. It was agreed that this had a very limited audience. Committee agreed to cease this information transfer.
  • That a small plaque be added to the bridge to the alt 5th tee box. The suggested name was ‘The Plusfours’ bridge. This was not supported by the committee due to the work done by the many involved to bring the bridge into existence.
  • That we purchase laser reflectors (prisms) for the top of our flag poles at around Circa $70 each. The suggestion was not supported by the Committee.
  • To extend the OOB path markings behind the 13th green all the way to the toilet block. Currently the last OOB on the path is just past the water tap and next marker is the white pole on the toilet fence. This was agreed and new markings will be added.

For your information

Richard Oliver/President