Summary from the June Committee meeting….

The President…

  • Front Entrance signage – discussed options with Simon. He was happy to receive the Committee’s feedback and will arrange for Brendon Hill from SPACELAB to come out to the club and talk with Committee members about the signage. This meeting has occurred and Brendon will come back to Ainslie and the Committee with some fresh diagrams.
  • Monthly medal funding agreed with Ainslie for new format of the Medal presentations, as follows:
    • Presentation will now be bi-monthly (every two months) on the Saturday following the Monthly Medal game
    • 30pm hot bar snacks served in the Spike Bar
    • Presentations to occur at around 6.00pm, for the two-month period.
    • Instead of a door prize ($100) and a members draw ($100 which compounds to $500) there will be a members’ draw of $300 which to win, members will need to be in attendance. Numbers will continue to be ‘rolled’ until the someone wins the $300.
    • Dates (so you can add them to your diary) for the up-coming presentations are:
      • 2 July
      • 3 September, and
      • 5 November
    • Stephen Gallacher (Ainslie CFO) is leaving the Ainslie G monthly meeting with Group in early July and moving to New Zealand with his family. He will do a comprehensive handover with his replacement who will be joining the Ainslie Group in the very near future.  
    • In the next few months, the Committee will begin discussions with Ainslie regarding the Membership Fees for 2023. Following agreements with Ainslie the letter will be drafted for Committee consideration before going to the members.

   The Treasurer…

  • Salty reported a bank (available funds) of around $81,000 which continues to see the club in a reasonable financial position.

The Captains…

  • Match committee has added a new event to the upcoming calendar. Captain V Captain match-play set down for the 24th of September. Details to follow closer to the event.
  • The course is in great condition considering the amount of rain we have had. It is a testament to the hard work of our ground staff. Divots and pitch marks are still an ongoing issue that all members need to address.
  • Open events Kevin and Mike will be consulting with the DGA over the next couple of weeks to look at the booking procedure for the Men’s Open event (earlier notified). Whilst it is not until September, due to the added importance of a NSW Open entry as prize it will hopefully be a well organised event with a lot of work in the back[1]ground to ensure it is the best we can offer.
  • Pace of Play – We will continue to talk to members about this subject via both the MiClub website and our members Facebook page. Rules will also start to be included in the information.
  • There was a discussion about Lift, Clean and Place due to the current wet course conditions. This was not supported by the Match Committee and the wider Committee. Kevin to draft notification to members.

Greens …

  • Greens committee met on 2nd June to tour the course and identify trees for removal – this was a separate paper considered and supported by the Committee.
  • Greens – prior to the recent rains, the greens were being rolled three times per week. Unfortunately, the outlets of the drainage system are below the river levels – therefore the water is not draining das well as it should and as a consequence the greens are beginning to hold water (which means rolling is sometimes not advised.
  • Bunkers – similar to the greens, the water is not draining as well as it should and consequently a number of bunkers remain out of play.
  • Verti-drain – once the saturation levels in the greens subsides, the verti drain will be used to punch holes in the green to alleviate the ponding that is occurring. This is normal/best practice, and members will not notice any difference in the way the ball rolls.
  • Works planned for the coming months includes:
    • works on bunkers – replacement of lining and sand in several bunkers
    • Edging of all paths, and tee boxes
    • Edging of all sprinklers and distance markers
    • Heavy pruning and mulching of garden beds, and
    • Raising of trees (to allow for access of mowers and golf carts).


  • Storm Shelter Guidance Statement has been updated.
  • There was a short discussion re a potential hazard of some uncapped star pickets which identify out of bounds areas. The uncapped star pickets should be capped.
  • There has been good feedback re the white stripes identifying raised concrete edges on the pathways.
  • Tracey noted a potential hazard – a hole in the area just over the water on the 13th – right hand side trees. Several members have been injured when looking for balls in this area. Tracey to identify the area and advise Mark for discussion with Shane.

Capital Works…

  • Member Communications – Leo updated the Committee on the current state of the Member suggestions. Leo noted the process for informing the members, this being – suggestions that came to Leo were farmed to relevant Sub Committee for consideration.  Information then provided to Leo on outcome of discussion after which Leo goes back to the member who made the suggestion.

Other matters discussed…

  • The Rock Garden on Hole 12 – It was noted that Shane does not support mounding the existing rock as he believes that this will only add to the current water logging issues on the fairway. CEO Ainslie is inspecting the area next week with Shane. If it is to be covered it will require reasonably extensive drainage work – which could be in the vicinity of $15,000. This is on hold awaiting further discussion.
  • NTP Discs – Fiona presented a short paper re implementing NTP Discs on Par 3s – replacing the current measure methods. A short discussion ensued after which a vote was taken with 6 against 4 in support. Not to be implemented at this time.
  • Cup Collars – After a short discussion the idea not supported by Committee. There was concern that it would disadvantage golfers with more ‘lip-outs’.  It was agreed to purchase a small number of collars to use on the practice green.  We will take feedback by members after which we will reconsider whether to install on the course.
  • Safety Fences – Kevin presented a short paper on implementing a new safety fence on the 7th tee and realigning the existing fence on the 14th. Supported by Committee.
  • Mid-year Dinner – Fiona discussed the possibility of holding an All Members function. Original plan was for end of July / early Aug, however after discussion it was suggested to align a function with the commencement of the annual 9-hole Friday challenge. Fiona to work up a proposal for consideration by Committee Next Meeting Thursday 14 July.

Richard Oliver