Below is a summary from the April Golf Club Committee meeting.

The President…

We had our monthly meeting with Ainslie at which, the following was discussed:

  • Proposed front entrance signage – discussed options with CEO and CFO Ainslie. They were happy to have receive the Committee’s feedback and will talk to SPACELAB about the views expressed by the Committee.  Richard noted that this work is ongoing, and that we expect to see further possible designs in the near future
  • Storm Shelters – This is a proposed project against which some course improvement money may have been contributed. There was discussion regarding possible liability issues as[1]sociated with erecting these shelters. No similar shelters had been erected by any other club that we could find.  It was agreed that due to the danger of sheltering from lightening in a metal shed this project would no proceed.  The Committee agreed that a review of the current Storm Guidance Statement would be undertaken to explore whether there were any sensible adjustments could be made that would enable golfers to return to the daily competition earlier, while also adhering to national guidelines on storm protection while playing golf.  
  • CEO Ainslie noted that the number of members was now just above 700 which was pleasing from a membership perspective.
  • Leo Davies (our Vice President) is continuing to receive suggestions for course improvement from members each of which are being presented to and considered by the Committee. Comments will be passed back to members after consideration has occurred.  An update of the suggestions considered to date will be provided to members in the near future.    

 The Treasurer…

  • Salty reported a bank (available funds) of around $82,000 which sees the club in a sound financial position.

The Captains …

  • Handicap Match-play Championship (Men and Women) is underway. Lower numbers than expected for the Men’s field. Round 2 matches to be completed on or before the 23rd of May. Members are utilizing the ability to pre-book thru committee members and Pro-shop.
  • No major events are to be played in May or June due to Match-play.
  • Gungahlin Lakes has has been awarded the 1st year of NSW Open qualification for our Men’s and Women’s Open. The Match Committee has set the mid/end of June as the date to start preparations for the Open events. Match Committee will work closely with Shane and the Greens committee for this event.  More information will come to members closer to the event.
  • Pace of Play Notification has gone to members to raise awareness of pace of play and the way we will be monitoring it in the future. Timed rounds will no longer be the “rule of thumb”. Keeping up with the group in front of yours will be the “norm”. Whist this has generated discussion with our membership (and committee) it is only the start of what I would like to see as a concerted effort. Pushing the “causes of falling behind” i.e., fishing for golf balls, slow walking to ball etc needs to be communicated to members.
  • The Pennant seasons (Men and Women’s) have all been finalised. Fiona thanked all the participants.
  • Pennant Dinner on 20 May – 60 tickets have been sold – An offer has been made to non-Pennant playing members to attend.

Greens …

  • Over the past 2 years the greens staff have been renovating the bunkers – this includes the drainage system. We believe there are another 2 years to go with this program. Part of the program involves new filter fabric and the refurbishment of the Ag lines at the base of the bunkers. In a number of cases the Greens staff have had to realign the evacuation point of the drainage system (which is generally in close proximity to the creeks) as they are sometimes below the water level (and thus get backed up).
  • Over the coming months all garden beds will begin to receive attention from the contractor. Weeds have already been sprayed across the course. There will also be a reduction in the number of plants in garden beds – “less is more”. Please note that a number of plants have been selected primarily for safety issues – for example the Lomandra in a lot of places was planted to eliminate the ricochet off steps and walls of the garden beds. Trees were planted over a number of paths to “filter” golf balls from bouncing off the concrete.
  • Native Grasses have already started to disappear from the tops of fairway bunkers
  • Hazard lines will be remarked in the coming weeks. Stakes will also be used in “vague” areas but, will definitely not dominate the landscape.
  • Due to the nature of our greens and the constantly wet weather we are experiencing pitch marks continue to be an issue – they will get worse over the winter months
  • With regards to firming up the greens, the Superintendent is trailing a new sand (which he began last year) which has a greater percentage of clay particles. This is hoped to firm up the top layer. Please note that this will be a gradual process over a number of years.
  • Work over winter will include the grinding of path joins around the course.

Other matters of note discussed…

  • Multi Tee Events – Mike H. presented a short paper outlining the proposed running of multi tee events. Outcome is that this more complicated than first thought and some additional work will be required before implementation.
  • Monthly Medal Presentations – Richard led a short discussion re how best to run future Monthly Medal presentations. Several options were discussed. A slightly changed format was agreed and will trialled.  Richard will prepare an article for the Website to inform members.

For your information. Talk to any of the Committee members if you have questions.

Good golfing.

Richard Oliver