Summary from the April Committee meeting….

The President…

We had our monthly meeting with Ainslie at which, the following was discussed:

  • In relation to the Course Improvement Plan, the work to be done throughout the year has been agreed with Ainslie and includes:
    • Grinding of the concrete paths where a trip hazard exists
    • Tree stump removal
    • Some re-grassing of bare areas (to be done by Dad’s Army) e.g. the bare area behind the 16th Green
    • Storm protection shelters to be erected in the vicinity of the 5th and the 11th.  These will provide protection to players when the siren sounds for play to temporarily stop.
    • A new sign and upgrade for the entrance to the Golf Club.
    • A clean-up of the white tee box area on hole 14
    • A safety screen for female players on hole 7
    • Re-oiling the bridges to preserve the bridge timbers.
    • The finalisation of a Water Management Plan for the club.

NOTE: Some of these tasks are the responsibility of the Ainslie Group and some will be funded by the Golf Club using monies from the Course Improvement Levy (the levy is paid by both members and social players in their daily competition fee).

  • Leo Davies (our Vice President) is continuing to receive suggestions for course improvement from members each of which are being presented to and considered by the Committee. Comments will be passed back to members after consideration has occurred.   
  • Juniors – we discussed funding for Juniors with Ainslie to give some thought to what they think is the best way forward.  Ainslie to come back to the Golf Club with a proposed way forward.  This is supplementary to the work being done by Amanda and Ross McLoughlin and Tracey Banister.
  • Ainslie have agreed to subsidise the Pennant dinner to the value of $1200. Our thanks to Ainslie for their contribution to this event.  Arrangements for the dinner will be notified to Pennant players in the coming weeks.
  • The issue of the Spike Bar being available for the Golf Club on Monthly medal days was discussed.  In recent months there have been functions booked in the Spike Bar when the bar should be available for the Medal presentations.  Ainslie are to look into this and ensure the bar is not booked on the Medal days.
  • Ainslie agreed a proposal to assist with some additional maintenance of garden beds and surrounds on the course.  Around 50% of the cost is to be paid using the Course Improvement Levy monies with Ainslie paying the other 50%.  Work will carried-out over a 9-month period with services ceasing in the deep winter period. Mark Hynes (Greens Lead) and Shane will work together to program the work.
  • Ainslie continue to be pleased with the latest member numbers of 688.
  • CEO Ainslie mentioned the refresh work to be carried out in the lounge area of the club in the near term with a possible refresh of the Spike Bar (carpets and furniture) to be done when scheduling and funding permits. Ainslie will ensure that the Golf Club are aware when works are to commence.   

The Treasurer…

Salty reported a bank (available funds) of around $76,000 which sees the club in a reasonable financial position and facilitates spending on some of the agreed course improvement projects.

The Captains …

  • Men’s and Women’s Handicap Matchplay Championship commences soon with entries closing on 22 April. Entry forms are outside the Golf Managers office. Event commences on 30 April.
  • Work is continuing on an information paper on booking rights. This work is being done to provide members with a clear guide on booking rights which will include those granted to the Pro-shop, the Committee members and reciprocal club members.
  • the Pennants dinner will be held on 20 May. Members have been advised via the website and Facebook. More information will be provided closer to the event.
  • Fiona updated the Committee on the Women Get into Golf Program which is seeing good participation. Members who may know of female friends who may be interested should talk with Fiona, our Women’s Captain.

Greens …

  • No Greens Committee meeting this month.
  • Mark noted that the Greens renovation has been completed. Comments received about the Greens and the wider course remains very positive.
  • We need to continue our focus on repairing pitch marks on the Greens. All players are encouraged to encourage their playing partners to ‘do their bit’.

Other matters discussed…

  • Multi Tee Competitions – Mike Hogben presented a short paper on running Multi-tee Competitions and how this is now supported in MiClub. The Committee was supportive of the idea. Mike will discuss this with Murray and Shane prior to implementing for likely a trail period. There will be communication to members in the leadup to the trial commencing.
  • Monthly Medal Presentations – Richard provided a short paper on how we might improve these events. Committee members have been asked to think about how we can improve these events and get more people attending.  For those members who have, in the past attended, please feel free to offer your thoughts to me by email.  Richard is of the view that a complete re-design is needed and that these gatherings need to become an event that members want to attend.  Options might include:
  • Do away with the event and simply report the results, as we would normally do.
  • Move to quarterly presentations at which the medallions would be presented. We might also consider (if we move to quarterly, we could also increase the value of the door prize to help attract members to the event.
  • Move the night and the time at which the event is held to say a Friday. Friday at 5.00 – 6.00pm once every 3 months.  Members would be encouraged to attend and know there are drinks and bar snack at the club on this Friday night and could schedule the event into their calendars. 

Note: We are keen for members to talk with Committee members and offer their thoughts.

  • Pennants Dinner – Fiona noted that the dinner is planned for the 20th May, and that the format etc. will be similar to last year’s event. Arrangements for the dinner will be notified to Pennant teams closer to the date.

Other issues……

The pace of play is a constant topic of discussion within the Committee.  There is lots to say on this topic.  Very simply, players have to keep up with the group in front of them.  If we all do this, our games will be somewhere between 4 hrs and 4 hrs 10 min which makes for enjoyable golf.  To all players please try hard to do this and playing partners, please encourage those in your group to keep up the pace.

Good golfing…..

Richard Oliver