Some sad news…

Those of you who have been at the club for a while will know or have dealt with Judy O’Connor, the club’s Membership Officer for many years.  It is with great sadness that I notify for of Judy’s passing last week.  Our wishes and thoughts go out to Judy’s family and her close friends including those with whom she worked.

Summary from the Committee meeting last week…

The President…

We had our monthly meeting with Ainslie, at which the following was discussed:

  • The Course Management Plan
    • We are looking at better and more visually pleasing signage at the entrance path to the golf club. We agreed that we would meet with Ainslie’s architectural and urban design consultants – SPACELAB.  SPACELAB will hopefully be able to offer some good ideas on the signage type and give a good sense of cost to ensure the entrance becomes something more imposing and visually attractive.
  • Simon (CEO) mentioned some further refresh work about to be done at the club. Ainslie’s intent is to refresh the Lounge area and then potentially do some refresh work down in the Spike Bar.
  • Membership numbers – we currently have a total of 677 member (full list recently provided in the March Splash). We continue to watch this number so as to ensure we do not overload the course when social players are taken into account.
  • Pitch marks remain a real issue. We ask that you take some time to repair your pitch marks when out on the course.  If we all do this, the course will be better for all of us.

The Treasurer…

Salty reported a bank (available funds) of around $69,000 which sees the club in a comfortable financial position.

The Captains …

  • Pennant’s hosting Information has been posted on Members Facebook page and MiClub web page regarding pennants hosting on the 20th of March. We will be hosting the following: Junior’s semi-final pennants (depending on coming results), B Scratch Pennants semi-final, Brindabella Shield Women’s pennants. These games will take some of the comp slots from members in the afternoon.  Members should watch for notifications from the Captain on the Website and Facebook.
  • Easter Challenge Easter Challenge weekend entry fee increased to $15/round to increase prize money for winners of the overall event (daily prizes will remain as per normal).
  • Matchplay Entry forms have been finalised for Men’s Handicap match play which will commence on Saturday 30th of April. Entries will close at 2.00 pm on Friday 22nd April to allow for the draw to be completed. First 64 entries will be accepted.
  • Booking rights – some work is being done to produce a very clear guide for members on booking rights which will include those granted to the Pro-shop, the Committee members and reciprocal club members.
  • the Pennants dinner will be held on 20 May. Members have been advised via the website and Facebook. More information will be provided closer to the event.

Greens …

  • Light greens renovation is scheduled to commence on the 4th April. This will involve tyne coring, grooming, light topdressing, seeding and fertilising. The timing fits perfectly between the close of the men’s pennant season and the beginning of the women’s.
  • Tees will also be renovated and top-dressed in the coming weeks – they have already been scarified lightly.
  • Dead tree removal program has kicked back into gear with trees being re[1]moved on the 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th and 18th. A lot of these trees have been infested by the Longicorn Beetle – with the larvae basically drilling into the trunk and then ring barking the tree.
  • Winter bunker program will continue this year with the targeted approach continuing.


  • Tracey noted that the Jack Newton Foundation event will be held on the 20 March commencing at 4pm . There was a short discussion re the Juniors Pennants “Dinner” which will be a separate event as it was last year. This style of event is fully supported by both the Juniors and the Committee.

Other matters discussed…

  • Course Management Plan – After discussion of the updated plan that we would work with Ainslie to do the following work:
    • New signage at the entrance to the Golf Club
    • Storm shelters for members to shelter in when lightening warnings are issued and the siren sounds. Likely behind the Green on 5 and maybe on 11.
    • Bridge Maintenance with the re-oiling of the timbers
    • Safety fences (where required) to ensure women members are protected when at the Tee Box areas
    • Path grinding where the paths have been lifted by tree roots
    • Further removal of overhanging branches on the 10th hole
  • Some minor updates will be made to Guidance Statements 2 and 5.

Good golfing 

Richard Oliver