Annual Report and Annual General Meeting – Here is a link to the Golf Club’s Annual Report Annual Report 2021 (final).  The link will allow you to review the Report prior to our Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for next Tuesday (23 November) at 7.00 pm in the Spike Bar.  If you are planning to attend the meeting, why don’t  come down to bar at 6.30pm for snacks and a cold drink following which the meeting will start at 7.00pm.  The bar will be open and it would be nice to say hi before we get underway with the meeting proper.

Points upload – A number of members have asked when they will get their points uploaded to their Ainslie Card. Points will be uploaded as follow:

  • Points associated with the Elder Discount arrangement and the $20 (part of the $120) for renewing by the due date will occur in the next week or so.  Give Katie a couple of weeks to cover off all the people involved.
  • Points associated with the incentive for lost playing time ($120 minus the $20 already paid) – This will be done in two tranches .  $50 will be added to your card in early January and the other $50 will be added on 1 April.  Ainslie’s thinking here is to encourage use of the point in the club house as well as the pro-shop.

Water Management Plan – We are not quite there yet with this plan.  We have a draft which, hopefully in the next month or so, we will make available for members to review and offer comment on. I will talk a little more on this topic at the AGM. This plan is simply one of the tasks we as a Committee but mostly me, didn’t get finalised during the year.

For your information.

Richard Oliver/President