Election of your new Committee
Nominations for the new Committee have now closed and its time to vote. For each of the club’s Executive positions (President, Vice-President, the Captains, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer) only one nomination has been received for each role hence, a vote will not be required.
For the General Committee positions, of which there are five, we have received six nominations. Nominations have been received from:
  • Mark Hynes – (existing committee member)
  • Nicole Maher – (existing committee member)
  • Adrian Andreatta – (existing committee member)
  • Jeff Turvey – (existing committee member)
  • Simon Hiscock – (existing committee member)
  • Tracey Bannister – (new nominee)
You will receive an email which allows you to vote for the five people who you would like to represent you on the General Committee. Please take a few minutes to register your vote. The CFO Ainslie Group, Stephen Gallacher, is the Returning Officer. Voting will close at 5.00 pm on 18 November.
The Annual General Meeting
You are hopefully aware that the Club’s AGM is to be held on 23 November commencing at 7.00pm in the Spike Bar. As noted previously, this is your opportunity for the Committee to report to you on the year’s activities and financial position of the Club. Also, at this meeting the Committee for 2022 will be formally notified to the members following the elections.
The running sheet for the meeting will be:
  • 6.30pm – bar opens with light snacks to be served
  • 7.00pm – bar closes/meeting to be held
  • 7.45pm – bar re-opens for a post meeting drink
We will publish the Club’s Annual Report at least a week before the meeting on the Website. I encourage you to watch out for the report and then read the various reports and, at the meeting, ask any questions you have. The Ainslie CEO, Simon Patterson, will be in attendance and will happily take any question that you regarding the wider Ainslie Group’s operations.
Richard Oliver/President