For your awareness, a summary from the October Committee meeting and some information on the upcoming Annual General Meeting. 

The Golf Club Committee meeting

From the President…

  • No meeting held this month with Ainslie CEO and CFO.
  • We have been monitoring the Saturday and Sunday fields and even with now 726 players who can play on Saturdays and there are still gaps in the timesheets, for those wanting a game late in the week.
  • Annual Report dead-lines are rapidly approaching. Committee members to ensure Secretary has the respective members’ input by the due date.  We are hoping the club will be sufficiently open to hold the meeting in the Spike Bar but, if this is not possible, the Committee will distribute the report and other documents via the website and address any member questions online.  Golf Manager to talk with the e-voting software provider in preparation for an election, if one is required. 
  • Thanks to all those involved in the work to get the new Honour Boards mounted in the Spike Bar. Particular thanks to Gav Macauley and Alex Gutierrez (non-Committee members) who have given time to this project.  We are aiming for the work to be finished in the near future.
  • The Notice for the Annual General Meeting and the Nomination form for Committee positions have been posted and are available for members wishing to nominate.
  • As we approach the end of this Committee’s term it would be good to start thinking about projects for the new committee to consider.
  • Latest membership figures from Ainslie – currently at 726 members across all categories.

From the Treasurer….

  • Treasurer provided the usual financial breakdown, noting that as we have not been running any competitions there has been no additions to our revenue. Available balance is approximately $44,700.

From the Captains….

  • Match Committee has met and decided that the following Honour board events will be played before the end of the year
    • Medal of Medals
    • Mixed Foursomes
    • Club Championships
  • Yellow Course Friday “Chook Run” will commence once competition golf is permitted with proposed tee times from 14:00-17:30
  • Posts on the website have been uploaded regarding the move back to competition golf and the Club Championships.
  • Emails have been sent to the remaining 4 groups still in the 4BBB matchplay to advise them to have their matches completed ASAP (these can be done during the “social comp” timeframe) there are semi-final and final matches to be completed.
  • 9 Holes social play – Feedback from members is very positive regarding the current set-up of the 9-hole golf option. We will be approaching Murray to see if there can be an ongoing option for members to “book” in for social round in the future.
  • Women’s Matchplay should be completed by the end of the month

Grounds and Greens.….

  • Greens are still recovering from the renovation and will respond even better now that there is a compliment of staff. There will be some light verti-cutting on the greens and minor dusting.  Regular rolling has commenced post the renovations.
  • Some disease has come into the greens (Brown Patch and Fusarium) which Shane is managing through a spraying program.
  • Coring off the tee boxes and dusting with sand is planned
  • 2nd bunker left hand side has been reshaped and re-turfed. Edges have been pinned to the wall of the bunker – when the roots are firmly bedded, the edges will be trimmed accordingly.
  • The new garden bed has been completed at the back of the 3rd white tee. This was from soil that has been in the overflow car park for years.  A “Lone Pine” seedling from Yarralumla Nursery is in this bed…the rest of the garden has been lined with Lomandras.
  • The new alternate tee on the 6th has been leveled and is ready for seed. This remains is a work in progress.
  • The side of the Blue 11th tee is seeing excess soil that has been in the overflow car park for years being located to ensure seeding will be effective after the removal of the garden bed. There is potential for the leveling of this area to enlarge the white teeing area.
  • The garden bed between 16 and 18 has been removed and excess soil that has been in the overflow car park for years has been used to ensure grass can grow in this area (possible Dads Army job).
  • The turf protectamat project is continuing…the walk off from the 2nd is coming along nicely and will be opened up in a couple of weeks. It was decided that instead of trialing it on the walk off areas on (for example) 7, 13, 14 etc. that we would use it on the back of 4 and if there is enough left at the back of the bunker on 2.  The reason for this is that we have outlaid money to turf these areas already and thought it best to protect those areas that we have already financially committed to.

Other business….

One special paper was discussed at the meeting.

  • COVID and Lightning Warnings ­The Captain presented a short paper on a proposed change to the current lightning warning system – it was proposed and agreed by the Committee that if the lightning warning siren sounds during the COVID Restrictions period, play will be cancelled. This is to prevent players congregating at the Pro-shop or near the Spike Bar while waiting for play to resume.

The Annual General meeting

The AGM….

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on 23 November at 7.00pm in the Spike Bar.  Think about putting the date and time into your diaries and coming to the meeting.  It is the meeting at which the Committee gives a fulsome report to members on the year’s activities and the financial position of the Club.

Nomination for the Golf Club Committee

For those interested, each year we elect a new Committee which is announced at the AGM.  Nominations are now open and will close on Friday 5 November.  For a nomination to be accepted you must complete the form here – GLGC Nomination for Committee 2021-22 (final) and this must be returned to the Golf Manager at by 5.00pm on the closing date (5 November).

If voting is required (more nominations than available positions), we will open the voting on Wednesday 10 November.  Voting will be undertaken electronically by members logging onto the system, as was the process last year.  The CFO Ainslie Group, Stephen Gallacher, is the Returning Officer.  Voting will close at 5.00 pm 18 November.  If the number of nominations equals the available positions, there is no requirement for a vote.

Please feel free to contact members of the Committee or Tim, our Golf Manager if you have any questions.

Good golfing.

Richard Oliver/President.