The Committee has been working collaboratively with Ainslie to ensure we are fully aware of the face mask requirements, and exploring any options that may allow us to change our current position.

Yesterday representatives of Ainslie joined a web conference with the Access Canberra Business Unit who confirmed that the wearing of masks on a golf course remains mandatory for everyone within the ACT. The exceptions within the ACT for removal of a mask relate only to the consumption of food or beverages and the undertaking of vigorous activity. In the discussion, there was some ambiguity whether or not the playing of a shot was considered vigorous in the discussion, let alone the periods where the activity is away from this such as moving between locations in order to play the next ball.  The word used, whilst not that of the guidelines was that this was intended to accommodate “hardcore” physical exercise for recreation or work.

These requirements are publicly available on the ACT government website here. Recently released information available here shows that the requirement to wear a mask outdoors will likely be relaxed on 29th October 2021.

Access Canberra confirmed that it has not sanctioned the removal of masks with respect to players on a golf course for any golf club within the the ACT.  On the basis of the advice provided by the ACT Government we are not in a position to relax our current stance on face masks.

We understand that this is a challenging time, and that face masks are not enjoyable, however, they remain an important part of ensuring we are complying with the Government imposed restrictions which are intended to get us back to normal as soon as possible. We ask you to continue complying with the government restrictions for the short period of time (around 2 more weeks) until we can all enjoy all of our outdoor activities without a mask.

Richard Oliver/President