Membership Fees 2021/22

Membership fees for the 2021/22 golfing year have now agreed between the Ainslie Group and the Golf Club. 

Due to the impact of the lockdown on both our ability to play and that some of our folks will not have worked for a period, we have moved the final date by which your fees need to be paid to 31 October rather than the normal 30 September. The only proviso here is that if you are wanting to play in the Club Championship your fees will need to have been paid by 5.00pm on the Wednesday before the commencement of the event.  The Championship are currently scheduled to commence on Saturday 9 October which means for those people wanting to play in this event, your fees will need to be paid by 5.00pm on Wednesday 6 October.  Watch out for any updates on the Championship dates.  

In the links below you will find:

  • My letter to members regarding the fees for 2021/22 that we have agreed with Ainslie and information on the incentives offered;
  • The Direct Debit Request Service Agreement form;
  • The Direct Debit Request form; and
  • A form that gives Ainslie authority to take your monthly charge from your credit card.

These forms must be completed and sent to Katie Tessier (the new Ainslie Membership officer) via email, if you wish to pay or continue paying by direct debit.

If you are choosing to pay via direct debit using your credit card, we would like you to complete the necessary documentation, scan it and then send it to Katie at

The preferred method of payment is via Electronic Funds Transfer direct to the Ainslie bank account.  Payment will not be taken in person this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions. The details for your fund transfers will be provided to you when you receive your renewal notice from Ainslie.  You will receive this soon via email.

The club looks forward to you renewing your membership and readying yourself for the new playing year.

Documents and their links.

Membership letter for 2021-22

Direct Debit Service Agreement Form 2021-22

Direct Debit Request form 2021-22

Credit Card Authorisation form 2021-22

Summary of outcomes from the Committee meeting held on 9 September

  • Reports were tabled from Executive members, as usually occurs.

From the President…

  • Exchanges via email regarding the 21/22 membership fees, with agreement being reached.

From the Treasurer…

  • Salty provided the usual financial statement report noting that we have approximately $50,000 in funds not already allocated after known expenses have been debited.
  • He noted that we should look to limit our spending for a period, as we are currently not earning revenue from the running of competitions. The Committee agreed with this sentiment.  

From the Captains…

  • Kevin noted we have notified the DGA and Golf NSW that the Gungahlin Lakes Open has been cancelled this year.
  • Kevin led a discussion re the 2021 Club C’ships noting that we may need look to re-evaluate the dates. We do not want to recommence Golf after the shutdown with Championships.  As the greens have been done we can look to play the C’ships anytime to December this year (or potentially after – but this may impact the Pennants season). 
  •  Mixed FoursomesOn hold until we see whether there is time to play the event this year.
  • Matchplay Championships – the final between Evelyn Chung and Helen Bird is postponed until the course re-opens.
  • Special Events – Covid 19 cancellations
    • WGNSW Medal – Golf NSW have been forced to cancel the Woman’s Medal competition for 2021.  As our qualifying rounds have not been completed, we are unable to enter results.  There is a $5 entry fee per play for this competition, which is taken from your special events entry fees, this amount will be credited towards your entry for next year.
    • Diabetes Trophy – qualification round – this is usually played in conjunction with the September Monthly Medal rounds and determines our representatives to play at the CSGA Open day in February 2022.  If we do not get to play this month, this can be postponed to the October Monthly Medal rounds.
    • Women’s Open Day Thursday 2 September – cancelled for the 2nd year running.

Greens and Grounds…

  • With no golfers allowed, fairways are repairing (divots), and the greens are healthy (plug marks).
  • Fairways are beginning to grow and the rough is definitely surging.
  • The bunker renovation program has hit a sudden halt. We are not sure if this will now be completed this year.
  • Greens renovations have been a success.  They have taken longer than normal due to the lack of staff, as well as the absence of great numbers of volunteers.
  • We are half way through thinning of trees on 16 (staff shortages are hampering this).
  • 2nd bunker left hand side has been reshaped.
  • A new garden bed has been installed at the back of the 3rd white tee.
  • Excess soil that has been in the overflow carpark for years, has been introduced to the new alternate tee on the 6th.
  • Three seats have been generously donated by members:
    • Kevin Flanagan has donated a seat that will be situated at the 25th Anniversary Tree on the 18th.
    • Lesley Edwards has donated a seat that will be installed behind the protective screen on 12.
    • Ross, Amanda and Jolie McLoughlin have donated an “In Memorium” seat to Bodgie Lee and will be on the tee at 10.

Matters discussed in General Business not covered in other papers/reports

  • Honour Boards – work has commenced on ‘shaping’ the new Honour Boards to be mounted in the Spike Bar. At this stage we are proofing the information.  When the club reopens, we can begin the work to accommodate the mounting of the new boards.
  • Comms – Nicole noted that the Dress Codes have been updated and put onto the Website. There was a short discussion about the wearing of jeans with the Committee agreeing that dress jeans or jeans in good condition should continue to be allowed.
  • AGM – the timeline associated with the AGM was discussed and agreed. Shaun will manage this process.
  • Jolly Joker – Salty provided a short paper re the future of the Jolly Joker fundraising. Proposal is that in lieu of any volunteering work, Ainslie provide a base donation (proposed at 6k) and take over the program.  Salty provided a breakdown on the previous years’ “profits” noting that the $6.000 is an average amount received into the club.  Proposal agreed to by Committee.  Richard to work with Salty re an email to Simon (and potentially a paper for the Ainslie Board).
  • Reciprocal clubs – Jeff provided an update on the current state of play for reciprocal clubs. We have received a request from Cooma which, the Committee did not support.  Still waiting to hear from Moruya and Wollongong.

For your information.

Next meeting – 14 October 2021

Richard Oliver/President