Summary from the Committee Meeting on 8 July 2021

  • Reports were tabled from Executive members as usually occurs.

From the President…

  • Members – As at 16 April we have 714 members across all categories.
  • Water Management Plan – Work is ongoing with this activity. Planning for our 25th Anniversary events slowed work on this project.  Work will commence again now these activities have been held.
  • Guidance Statements – the club’s Guidance Statements have now been revised. A new Guidance Statement will be prepared as to what constitutes a competition. In recent months we have had some questions raised when due to inclement weather (mostly storms involving heavy rain and lightning) competitions have been cancelled.  This guidance statement will outline the club’s policy regarding the cancellation of competitions.
  • Pace of Play – this remains an issue and members have been prompted in the recent edition of Splash. We are looking at the data we can get from MiClub which will tell us the round time for players in a field. We appreciate that there are many variables that affect round times but players simply have to commit to staying in touch with the group in front of them. If this is done, we will all play our rounds within a time of 4.00 – 4 hrs. 20 mins.

From the Treasurer…

  • The club has approximately $43,000 in funds after expenses have been taken into account and debited into the books. The outcome of expenditure for the 20/21 year will be reported in detail at the AGM scheduled to be held in November.  The Committee agreed that we could consolidate our funding base for a period to help replenish the money in the Golf Club’s account.
  • Jolly Joker – We are looking oat ways of returning to the operation of Jolly Joker raffles which, for the Golf Club, is a key source of funding for Juniors’ development.

From the Captains…

  • 4BBB Matchplay starts this weekend (10 July) with a field of 30 teams.
  • Men’s individual Matchplay is at the semi-final stage
  • 9-Hole Yellow course competition – It has been agreed to expand the daily playing of the 9-hole to allow players to enter in the comp throughout the day rather than current afternoon allocated slots. A post will be added to the Website to give players more detail.
  • The Women’s Committee has agreed the handicaps and competition sizes for women’s competition rounds, commencing on 1 July. The following numbers for competitions were agreed:
    • 20 women or less – one division with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes awarded.
    • 21 women or more – two divisions with a handicap of 27 being the Division 1 high handicap.
    • 5 women or less – no separate women’s competition with the women joining the men’s competition.

Grounds and Greens

  • Work is being done to remove the willows growth in the waterways. Thanks to Michael Brice for his work on this project. This has been a project that has taken three years and we are starting to see the” light at the end of the tunnel”.
  • Due to the removal of these trees (deemed as environmental weeds which are declared pest plant species in the ACT) we will need to ensure that regrowth does not occur, and secondly that erosion of the creeks is not accelerated. It is hoped that the Water Management Plan advises on bank management at some point.
  • 2nd Bunker – Shane and Mark are still in discussions as the best way forward. We are confident this will be completed prior to the end of August.
  • Bunker renovations – work is continuing. There is still a long way to go, but members are starting to comment on the improvements.
  • Dangerous tree removal – A number of trees close to houses have been identified and are programmed for removal.
  • 10TH Tee Box garden – Territory Horticulture is donating all its staff to clean up the garden bed on the left side of the path between the 10th tee and the houses. We get complaints from the houses bordering this garden be so it will be good to have this garden area tidied up.  Thank to Mark and his team.
  • 16TH Fairway – Casuarinas identified last year and approved by the ACT Government for removal will begin to be felled in the coming weeks – most probably on a Thursday with the help of Dads Army. Michael Brice will drop the trees that have been marked. 
  • 18TH Fairway – Every second Casuarina at the water’s edge (between 150 and 50m from green) will be removed to reduce competition among trees, and allow for grass growth (currently very poor) in the first cut of rough and fairway. This will have no impact on the playability of the hole, and the trees have no strategic value

Matters discussed in General Business not covered in other papers/reports

  • 25-Year Anniversary Dinner. There was general agreement that the dinner and all of the associated events and activities had gone well and that people had enjoyed the celebrations.  Special thanks go to:
    • Ainslie Group for their sponsorship contribution and general support of the celebrations.
    • Norm Loughton and his team for the creation and writing of the 25-year History of the Club, and
    • Fiona Wicks and her team for the organization of the 25-year Anniversary celebratory dinner.
  • Golf Membership subscriptions for the 2021/22 golfing year – discussions have commenced with the Ainslie Group regarding the membership rates for the coming golfing year. Watch for information regarding the coming year’s membership fees on the website in coming weeks. As with last year each member will receive an email from the Club regarding your fees. To ensure we can get this email to all members, can we ask that you all check your details on the system so that we have actuate email addresses and contact information for all members.
  • Reciprocal Clubs – the revised/updated list of Reciprocal clubs is nearing finalization and will be published on the Website in the next few weeks. Watch for this information.

Next meeting – 12 August 2021

Richard Oliver/President