• Reports were tabled from Executive members as usually occurs.

From the President…

  • Members – As at 16 April we have 698 members across all categories.
  • Water Remediation Plan – An initial meeting has been scheduled with a Water Management consultant to discuss what such a plan might look like and how we might move this project forward. As planning progresses members will be kept informed.
  • Guidance Statements – the club’s Guidance Statements have now been revised. These statements are regularly reviewed and are available to members on the Website. Thanks to Adrian Andreatta for his work on this.
  • Pace of Play – this remains an issue and members have been prompted in the recent edition of Slash. Players are to be actively encourage to stay in touch with the group in front of them.

From the Treasurer…

  • The club has approximately $25,000 in funds not already allocated after known expenses have been debited. Known expenses were outlined for members in recent updates and mostly related to funds allocated for course improvements.  The $2 Course Improvement will help to rebuild this amount.

From the Captains…

  • Local Rules – two temporary local rules implemented due to stump grinding and Irrigation system upgrade. (These will be removed when no longer required.)
  • 9-Hole Yellow course competition – will continue during non-daylight savings for a trial period of 4 weeks. Minimum numbers of 10 players will be required.
  • Match-play entry forms – to be distributed starting this weekend. We are hoping for strong interest this year. Due to numbers and in agreement with Ladies Captain. The Ladies and the Men will alternate the use of the 10th tee each year for the 1st round of the Matchplay tournament. 2021 will be Men’s turn.
  • Sunday Medley – The trial of the full comp Sunday Medley was not well received and it has been agreed to return to having separate competitions. This is effective immediately.

Grounds and Greens

  • Greens staff – we have 5 full time staff with an apprentice to be added to this team.
  • 15th/16th Mound – Work on the mound is complete which has now included the planting of the trees. The local rule about new planting and staked trees applies.
  • Irrigation system – the work has been completed and is now ready for operation.
  • Blue Frames – The painting black of the remaining older blue frames has been completed. Signage is now being redone and will be returned to the signs in the near future.
  • Stump Grinding – around 170 stumps have been ground and Dad’s Army is working on the sanding and seeding of the areas from where the stumps have been removed. Where the work has been done these areas have all been marked as GUR.
  • Paspalum – most of the Paspalum in the course has been sprayed with Roundup. Localized spots that will die as a result of this. 
  • 16TH Fairway – Casuarinas identified last year and approved by the ACT Government for removal will begin to be felled in the coming weeks.
  • 18TH Fairway – every second Casuarina at the water’s edge (between 150 and 50m from green) will be removed to reduce competition among trees, and allow for grass growth (currently very poor) in the first cut of rough and fairway. This will have no impact on the playability of the hole, and the trees have no strategic value.


  • Currently have 36 Junior members. With the Junior program being run by Amanda McLoughlin we are hoping to grow this number.

Matters discussed in General Business not covered in other papers/reports

  • Pennant Dinner – Fiona provided a paper re the proposed Pennant Dinner, including format etc. Richard to discuss with Simon potential “sponsorship” and support from Ainslie. 
  • 25-Year Anniversary Dinner. Paper of proposed format of Dinner provided.  Richard to discuss further with Simon re costs and possible support from Ainslie.  A small sub-committee has been formed to progress.
  • Number for a valid competition – Kevin provided a short paper re looking at what numbers constitute a competition. Committee agreed that the number should be 20 who play in and complete a competition.  For Women the number is 6. 

Next meeting – 13 May 2021

Richard Oliver/President