Earlier in the week, if you played on the course, you might have noticed that additional sprinklers have been installed on the blue tees on holes 14, 15, 16 and 18.  This will give the back of each of these tees better water coverage.  Thanks to the care bring taken by the Waterland folks, the trenching necessary for the new sprinkler heads and the associated pipes and wiring has been carefully repaired to the extent that is hard to see where the work has been done.  Great work by Waterland and our thanks to them for looking after our course.

There was no actual installation work was done today.  Today time was spent marking the next set of adjustments to the out on the course.  Members will see that there are flags and spray paint on the 1st fairway, 2nd Green surrounds, 3rd fairway, 6th Green Surrounds, 7th fairway, 13th fairway – before and after the bridge as well as the 18th fairway.  These are the areas on the course where additional sprinklers will be installed with work starting on Tuesday after the Easter holiday period.

On Tuesday work will commence on the 7th fairway.  This will see three new sprinklers on the right hand side of the fairway/rough after the water crossing and before the first set of trees.  The tees for Tuesday will be moved forward to the fairway to ensure the safety of workers.

Wednesday will see the completion of the work on 7, and then the “walk off” area on 6 will see the installation of two new sprinklers.

Below the front bunker on the 2nd will see three sprinklers installed on Thursday – there has been preliminary work in this location during this week.

Friday will see an additional sprinkler be installed on the 3rd hole in the area short and left of the green.

We urge all golfers to be patient during this period and to not hit up on any workers – please wait for a signal from the staff.

Projects like this take lots of coordination and careful management.  Our thanks to Mark Hynes, Shane (our Super) and Norm Loughton for together coordinating the work and ensuring the work is done to the necessary standard.

Have a great Easter and play well on any of the four days that we have competitions running.


Richard Oliver/President