A quick update on the irrigation works.

The Waterland folks did lots of work on the course last week which is summarised as follows:

  • 2nd Green Surround – work concluded
  • 3rd Fairway – work concluded
  • 6th Green Swale – work concluded
  • 7th Blue tee – work concluded
  • 7th Fairway Rough – work concluded but some reseeding required
  • 14th Blue Tee – work concluded 
  • 15th Blue tee – work concluded
  • 16th Blue tee – work concluded

This week we are expecting to complete the following:

On Monday and Tuesday 

  • 1st Fairway – new sprinklers to the RHS of Fairway 166-100 mts from the green and to the RHS of fairway 50 mts from green

On Wednesday 

  • 13th Fairway – RHS of fairway before bridge 211 mts from green and LHS side of fairway after the bridge

On Friday 

  • 18th Fairway – Right hand side of fairway from approximately 220 mts from green to 80 mts.

The works are being repaired well and hopefully this will continue as we have some warmer weather still with us left before the cold comes.   There is some growing time left.

For your information.

Richard Oliver/President