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The Course

The repair of the course continues however, we would all agree that there is a way to go yet.  The disease damaged 10th fairway is coming back to us but, has a way to go yet, as do other areas of the course.  A particular place of note is the fairway on 17 which is particularly bad at the present.  Shane and his team are continuing their work to repair these fairways.

Also, the work to fine-tune the irrigation system commences in the next few days and so there will be equipment and workers on the course.  We will work to ensure the impact on players is minimised and that competitions are not disrupted but we ask for your patience as this work is done.  The additional sprinkler heads will help get water to areas of the course that in the past have suffered and not received the amount of water should.  The results will be most evident in the Spring when the warmer weather returns.  


Following on from my recent comments on the Facebook page I said that I would come back to you regarding the new moderators for our page.  Our moderators play an important role, making sure that commentary and discourse is appropriate in tone and content. 

As you will know if you have been reading Splash, Tony Murcutt, one of our current moderators has stepped away from his Committee duties and his Facebook role.

So, what about the future? Abul Rizvi has agreed to continue in the role and Wayne Bennett have Tracey Banister have agreed to become our new moderators.  If you want any assistance with getting access to the site or on how to post, please talk to one of these folks.

Remember, before you consider writing a comment, think whether if it was about you, you would be OK with it.  If you think it would cause you some offence or embarrassment, don’t write it.  The site provides a really valuable communication channel for us but, if people’s comments lack respect, we will block them from using the site. 

Summary from the Committee meeting on 11 March

From the President…

Richard Oliver met with CEO Ainslie on 25 February to, in the main, discuss the Course Improvement Program (in essence what we spend on using the money we raise through the Course Improvement levy). Hopefully you have read my recent update on this topic in Splash.  If not, I encourage you to do this.  In this article I gave a fulsome outline of what we intend during 2021.

In relation to member numbers, we are now at 673.  This compares with 658 in February. We are very pleased with the influx of new members into the club.  We are continuing to watch the impact our growing number are having on the competition time sheets, particularly those for the weekend games.  So far, there are still always slots available for Saturday and Sunday games on Friday early evening.  Remember to check later in the week, if you have difficulty getting into the sheets when they first open.  

From the Treasurer…

There was no report presented, as Keith (Salty) Pepper, our new Treasurer is still becoming familiar with the books.  A report will be provided in April, from which a summary will be provide to members.

From the Captains…

  • Noodles have been removed from holes as COVID restrictions have been lifted. There has been no negative feedback from members at this stage.
  • GLGC hosting 1 Senior Men’s, 1 Junior and 2 Women’s Pennant matches this month. The Women’s will not affect field as they are on Frida’
  • Match committee has decided to trial a continuation of the Yellow course 9-hole competition into non-daylight savings time. Trial will be conducted and if numbers permit, the comp will run from 13:00-15:00 each Friday.
  • Match committee will continue to monitor timesheets and round times. This is an ongoing responsibility of the Match Committee.
  • Match Committee to look into the stroke index of each hole for the course. Outcomes of this review will be presented to the Committee once the review and decisions have been finalized, following which we update members.

 Grounds and Greens

  • Work on fine-tuning the irrigation system commences in the near future.  There will be workers and equipment on the course for around two weeks.  Norm Loughton and Mark Hynes will be overseeing the work. 
  • The new mound on 15/16 has been seeded and advanced trees ordered for planting..
  • The Reach mower is expected to operating again in the near future following which the edge of the ponds will be trimmed. After this the hazard lines will be remarked.
  • All the bunkers have been sprayed for weed growth and then the weeds will be removed, where this is sensible. It is sometimes better to leave the roots intact, as it contributes to holding the bunker wall firm.
  • Advertising for new Greens staff members has occurred and Shane is hoping to have at least 2 extra staff in the near future.
  • Willows along 4,5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16 have been sprayed.
  • The removal of dead or dying trees continues through the efforts of Michael Brice.
  • Approval has been given by Ainslie for stump grinding. This work will start in the near future when the successful contractor can schedule the work.

Matters discussed in General Business not covered in other papers/reports

  • 25-year History update and planning for 25-year Anniversary dinner/event – Work continues on planning a substantial event to celebrate the 25-year birthday. Members to be kept informed as planning progresses.
  • Reciprocal Clubs – Work continues on the refresh of our Reciprocal Clubs list. Members has been asked to contribute their thoughts  

Next meeting – 8 April 2021

Richard Oliver/President