I thought it was a good time to update members on some issues regarding the time-sheets.

As you have hopefully read in ‘Splash’ and some of my recent posts, our membership numbers are continuing to grow which is great for the club.  This helps to give us a strong membership base into the future, something that all clubs hanker for.

With the increase in numbers comes some additional tightness in the time-sheets and the ability for our regular players to get the exact time slot they have been used to being able to book. I have been monitoring the timesheets and am comfortable that, at about the time they want, players can still get a slot.  Over the last month or so there has always been vacant slots on Friday night, across the time-sheets. I ask that you be patient and if need be add your name to the Waiting List for a game at the time that you wish to play, a slot (possibly two) will come up.

There has been some commentary about those with early book in rights.  This privilege is afforded to your Committee members, Life members and the volunteers who do closeout of the competitions.  Committee members and Life Members can book themselves and one other.  Volunteers can only book-in themselves.  This is small recompense for the work put in by these folks, all of which is on a volunteer basis. 

In regards to managing weekend time-sheets you will notice that that the ability to pre-book has been removed and that bookings for a social game will go back to being done through a call to the Pro-shop.  Primarily this being done to: to get all players to tee off at their correct time (managed through the Pro-shop); to ensure Social players tee off the correct tee (namely the 10th); and that the two weekend windows for social players (which are in Murray arrangements with Ainslie) are adhered to.  We think this will help fix some of the recent issues experienced by our members.

Murray has recently talked with all of his staff about these challenges in an attempt to ensure that both competition and social players play smart golf and don’t impinge on the enjoyment and pace of play of others on the course.

Finally, you will notice that we have agreed that there be some women’s only groups hitting off the 10th on weekend competition days.  The Committee considered this matter in the context that we have a number of new women members who need some assistance and encouragement in their early competition days and this can be gained by playing with our more experienced women members.  We are trialing this but, to date the results are very positive.  In terms of bookings for these groups, bookings can be made by our Women’s Captain and other Committee members.

Just for your information.

Richard Oliver/President.