All members 

Welcome to the 2021 golfing year, hopefully it will be better than 2020 although, in the scheme of things, 2020 was better for golf than for a range of other sports. 

The Website – Thanks to the work primarily of Di Carlos and Lauren Calvert (….and others of course) the refreshed website is ready for upload. The look and feel will largely similar but the content will be tighter, more accurate and there will be a lot less ‘clicks’ involved in getting to the information that you would like to access.  This was one of our (the Committee’s) projects for 2020.  Unfortunately, we need to take the system off-line for some time to do the upload of the new site which will happen tomorrow morning (7 January) between 7.00am and 2.00pm.  If you need to book a game please do this today or be prepared to do it tomorrow afternoon after 2.00pm.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

The Lakeball game– our first official game for the year is generally the Lakeball but we are running our first Monthly medal on Saturday 9 January.  For the Lakeball on 16 January, we have a shotgun start (hit-off 8.30am) to be followed by a sausage sizzle…and yes, there will be plenty of sausages…only ever one ‘Sausagegate’, for those who remember.  Bookings will open at the normal time on Saturday and the field will be limited to 128, because of the shotgun start.  I have no doubt we will have a full field.  Please plan to stay for a drink and a sausage sandwich.  We have asked for the bar to be open at around 12.20 for those who get in early.

The Handbook – the 2021 handbook has been uploaded which gives all the information necessary regarding the club and our playing schedule.  Lots of folks to thanks for their effort on this one but, in particular, Mike Hogben (our Club Vice-Captain) who together with others has put in many hours on the revised book.  We have taken a decision to not print any hard copy of the book this year.  If you want a hard copy, open the pdf version and print it.  From our perspective, it was money (your money) that we didn’t need to spend as in the past we have had copies left over after doing the print run.  You will find the handbook easily on the new website.

Dad’s Army – The Dad’s Army group are always looking for new hands and, at the beginning of the new year, I thought it might be a good time to remind members that we can always do with some new folk.  If you are free on Thursday mornings, feel free to join the groups for some work on the course.  We generally start at 8.00am and finish at 12.00pm.  If you want more information contact Ken Wark and he will give you the details.  Ken’s contact details can be accessed through the Members Directory on the system.

Great golfing in the coming year.

Richard Oliver/President