Presentation event – Saturday 21 November

Our Presentation game is on this Saturday.  This is the event at which we honour the achievements of members who have won the various Honour Board events held during the golfing year.   There remain a few slots yet to be filled but, I expect these to fill in the next day or so.

As I noted in my post a few days ago, the game has a shotgun start with hit-off at 830am.  We suggest that all players are at the club by 8.00am.  The format will be single Stableford.  This will be the first shotgun start game that we have played in many months.  The field has 128 slots and will be followed by a sit-down luncheon similar to that served last year.  The cost is $30 which will cover both the competition fee and a set-table lunch. 

Ainslie, in allowing the shotgun format, has asked for us for us to adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Attendees at the luncheon will need to scan the CBR QR code so we have the necessary contact details;
  • For us to be able to use the Spike Bar the tables will need to be appropriately spaced.  Noting the social distancing requirements, the Ainslie staff will spread the tables out a little more than usual;
  • The number of people inside the Spike Bar is limited to 40.  To ensure drinks and meals can be served appropriately, we will ask for there to be one queue for the bar entering from near the hole-in-one boards and with patrons to return to tables via one of the doors leading into the corridor near the kiosks. The appropriate queuing area for the bar will be marked out.  We suggest to ease congestion in the bar area that people pool funds at the table and one person goes to the bar on behalf of the table.  In this context it would be good to have some cash with you.  Buying ‘jugs and bottles’ might be a good strategy for this day; and
  • Lunch will be start being served from around 1.15pm onwards with the presentations to commence at around 1.45pm. Presentations are likely to take around 30 minutes.

Can we ask that you all are very mindful of these hosting requirements.  Venues are still being checked regularly by the authorities and we cannot afford for the Golf Club to be found to be not doing the ‘right’ thing.

For the game itself, we are able to lift the COVID requirements we currently have in place.  This means:

  • Members will be permitted to remove flag for putting, if they wish to but, we do recommend the use of a gloved hand for those that wish to remove the flag stick.
  • Preferred lies in bunkers will no longer apply. Rakes will be placed in bunkers and must be used. Again, we recommend using a gloved hand or a cloth to handle the rake;
  • Preferred lies will remain in place on the close mown surfaces, and
  • Bubblers and ball washers will once again be available but again, you may care to handle the taps etc. with a gloved or cloth covered hand.

The Golf Clubs 2020 Annual Report and Annual General Meeting

You are hopefully aware that the Annual General meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 24 November at 7.00pm, currently to be held in the Spike Bar.  This is the meeting at which the Golf Club Committee reports to members on operation of the club 2020 in relation to the course and all other activities of the club during the period. Prior to the meeting commencing, the bar will be open for 30 mins and following the meeting the bar will reopens with snacks to be served.

The 2020/21 Golf Club Committee is announced at the meeting.  It would be good to see a reasonable number of members in attendance.

A copy of the 2020 Annual Report is available for your review at this link: Annual Report 2020 – Final – WV .  Please note this is provided as a Word document as the .pdf version exceeded the permissible size limit for the upload. There will be a small number of hard copies available at the meeting.

Richard Oliver/President