On Saturday 21 November we have our yearly presentation event.  This is the event at which we honour the achievements of members who have won the various Honour Board events held during the golfing year.  It would be great to see strong field for the event and players set aside some time to celebrate the achievements of their friends and playing partners.  This year has been like very few others due to both the COVID and the dire climatic conditions we experienced over the Summer months. Given these trials, this year will be ‘extra’ special.

The game will be a shotgun start with hit-off at 830am so we suggest that players are at the club by 8.00am.  The format will be single Stableford.  This will be the first shotgun start game that we have played in many months.  The field will have 128 slots and will be followed by a sit-down luncheon similar to that served last year.  The cost will be $30 which will cover both the competition fee and your lunch.  You will be required to pay for your game when you book in.   If you are looking to play with friends, our suggestion is that someone makes the booking and pays and the others reimburse.  For those who wish to pay at the Pro-shop you will able to book and pay at the shop however, I suggest you do this early to ensure your slot in the field.

Ainslie, in allowing the shotgun format, has asked for us for us to adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Attendee at the luncheon will need to scan the CBR QR code so we have the necessary contact details.
  • For us to be able to use the Spike Bar the tables will be appropriately spaced and be set for eight.
  • The number of people inside the Spike Bar will be limited to 40.
  • To ensure drinks and meals can be served appropriately, we will ask for there to be one queue for the bar entering from near the hole-in-one boards and with patrons to return to tables via one of the doors leading into the corridor near the kiosks. The appropriate queuing area for the bar will be marked out.  We suggest to ease congestion in the bar area that people pool funds at the table and one person goes to the bar on behalf of the table.  Buying ‘jugs and bottles’ might be a good strategy for this day.
  • Lunch will be start being served from around 1.15pm onwards with the presentations to commence at around 1.45pm. Presentations are likely to take around 30 minutes.

Can we ask that you all are very mindful of these hosting requirements.  Venues are still being checked regularly by the authorities and we cannot afford for the Golf Club to be found to be not doing the ‘right’ thing.

We look forward to seeing you at the event and making some time after your game to have lunch and applaud the achievements of those who have performed well throughout 2020.

See you at the event.

Richard Oliver/President