At this evening’s (24 November) Annual General Meeting the new Golf Club Committee was announced.  As two of the 2020 Committee members (David Wicks and Eddie de Bear) had chosen not to re-nominate and there were two new nominations (Nicole Maher and Jeff Turvey), elections were not required. 

The Golf Club’s Committee for 2021 is as follows:

Executive members 

President – Richard Oliver

Vice President – Di Carlos

Secretary – Shaun Calvert

Treasurer – Tony Murcutt

Men’s Captain – Kevin Flanagan

Women’s Captain – Fiona Wicks

Vice-Captain – Mike Hogben

General members 

Member – Mark Hynes

Member –Adrian Andreatta

Member – Simon Hiscock

Member – Nicole Maher

Member – Jeff Turvey

I welcome both Nicole and Jeff to the Committee as the new members.

Richard Oliver/President