The Championships are over for another year and, apart from going over the lessons to be learned, I wanted to thank everyone involved in their planning and conduct.  More particularly, there are a few folks who have put in a huge effort and I wanted to highlight this.

Shane and the Greens staff – the course was in great condition and this is in large part is due to Shane Dawson (our Superintendent) and his team (Ben, Richard and Pete) working very long and hard to prepare the surfaces in the lead-up to the event.  This was made all the more difficult due to the rain we have recently had.  The rain was great to get but probably not so great, if you are sitting on a mower trying to manage the grass growth.  This is a small but very impressive team.  Say thanks to them as they pass you out on the course.

Kevin, Mike and Fiona – Our Captains and the Vice-Captain do an enormous amount of work to get the event organised and make it run smoothly.  Kevin takes time off work as the event approach to do the required preparation and planing and then, together with a small group of people, makes sure the board and the system is updated and that players time slots for the next round are in good order.  I know from speaking with Kevin he is regularly managing queries from members who are sometimes a little disgruntled that they can’t play a particular time.  Kevin also spent a lot of time on a mower helping keep the rough in a manageable state.

Mark and the Greens Committee folks – Mark (Hynesy) and his team are heavily involved as the tournament approaches.  There is lots to be done on the course in preparation for such an event. There are a group of folks who have worked with Mark the result of which is the course we have just played on.

Dad’s Army – you will have noticed the work of Ken Wark and the Dad’s Army team have done over the recent weeks. The laying of turf, trimming around the trees, maintaining of the garden beds and the list goes on. Our course is all the better for the work of this small group.

So…… to all of those mentioned above and others I have not included but have worked behind the scenes, I say thank you on behalf of all of our members.  We are fortunate to have you in the club and very grateful for the amount of work you do.

Richard Oliver/President