Below is a summary from The Committee meeting on 10 September. Reports from Executive members were tabled and issues were discussed. Key issues noted were: 

From the President:

  • Letter to members regarding Membership Fees has been agreed and posted. Ainslie Membership Officer is in the process of sending out invoices for payment to members for whom we have a current email address. The Pro-shop will have the bag tags for collection instead of the Club Reception Desk.
  • Committee returning to undertaking closeout – The Committee has re-commenced doing the weekend closeouts with no issues. Closeout is now much simpler with MiScore being used by most members.
  • Spike Bar – has reopened with members adhering to social distancing requirements
  • Kiosks – The purchase of new Kiosks has been actioned and equipment should arrive at the club in the coming days.
  •  Annual General Meeting and election for the Committee – The AGM is scheduled for 24 November. Planning with commence for the preparation of the Annual Report will commence in the next few weeks. Golf Manager to commence planning for the election of Committee members and make arrangements for us to activate the software that we use for these elections. Elections should be conducted commencing in the week 2-7 November. 

From the Vice-President:

  • Di updated the Committee on the Website refresh project and the work required by Committee members in updating the content on the site.

From the Treasurer:

  • Having accounted for payments associated with the Fairway renovations and other recent purchases (mainly turf for the bunker bank on hole 2) we have around $85,000 in the Club bank account.

From the Men’s Captain:

  • Events – The Match committee has reviewed the upcoming events calendar and made the following decisions:
    • Grahame Rees Memorial Ambrose event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions
    • 2020 Men’s Open event also cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and Golf NSW recommendations
    • Club Championships are quickly approaching. Preparations are underway, it has been decided to continue with a one tee start as per last year. Members will book online (or thru Proshop) for the 1st round and will be allocated the same timeslot for next 3 rounds (unless seeded). Timesheets will open up for changes a few days prior to the event for daily players and members changes.

From the Women’s Captain:

  • CSGA District Medal is being played at Gungahlin Lakes on 12/10/20.
  • Pennants 2021 – GLGC have entered a composite team with Yowani, CSGA Plate, Brindabella and Bruce Shield Team.


  • Main focus is on the upcoming growing season. All fairways will be fertilised In the next few weeks.
  • Fairways are to be verti-drained and scarified (with Amazone).
  • Topdressing of fairways begin on 7th September… 1, 3, 10, 13, 17, and 18 will receive most attention – other selected areas of the fairways and first cut will be addressed as well.
  • Seeding of fairways and “rubbing in” will commence very soon after the topdressing and fertilizing.
  • All bunkers will be deep raked – particular focus is on the bunkers that have tree roots in them – for example 3, 5, 6, 10
  • There are still about 12 trees to drop – which will see the major tree works completed for the Winter of 2020.
  • Michael Brice and Denis Collins undertook a tree survey and proposed works document for the Greens committee.  It identified various dangerous trees – particularly close to houses.  Shane will get quotes for the removal of these trees and for stump grinding the many stumps remaining post the tree removal program.
  • The large number of Casuarinas on the left hand side of 16 are to be thinned – pending government approval. These trees were originally over-planted (with the idea that there would be a few deaths – this did not happen).  By removing 1 in 3 trees there will be more light to the fairway /rough and encourage healthier turf growth. 
  • Greens renovations will begin on 19th October – we have a window of 6 weeks after this to have the course presented for Medal of Medals

Papers considered at the meeting

Cap on Member Numbers

  • Richard lead a discussion re potentially limiting the numbers of members – specifically for those who have playing rights to play Saturdays. It was noted the optimal number should be around 460.  In addition, overall member numbers should be capped at around 700.  Above these numbers members may begin to experience difficulty getting into the timesheets on their preferred days. Richard is to discuss with CEO Ainslie.

Members seeking short term renewals

  • Shaun lead a short discussion noting that there have been a number of enquiries by members to renew their memberships for a short term only – due to work postings and expiry of International Visa’s. Shaun noted that By Law 12.1 could apply.  Agreed by Committee – Shaun to inform members of the requirements of By Law 12.1.

Non-members Use of Personal Carts

  • Shaun lead a short discussion re requests by Non-members to use their personal carts at GLGC. Committee agreed this is an issue for Murray and Ainslie to resolve.


  • Mark lead a short discussion re “opening” up the bubblers on the Course. Kevin to confirm with Golf NSW on what their preferred options are.  It was noted that we should look to open the bubblers as soon as practical due to the usual hot summers.


  • Mike lead a short discussion re a new Scorecard – Draft sent to Committee. Committee agreed to the changes proposed.  Mike to take the lead on providing information/communication to members on the changes.  Any changes to the course rating and the club’s scorecards will not take effect until after the Club Championships and until members have been provided with information.


  • Mark lead a short discussion re replacing the signs at each hole. Committee agreed to proposal presented allowing for a budget of $1500 for existing signs to refreshed.

Next meeting is scheduled for 8 October 2020

Richard Oliver/President