The MiScore app is proving to be very popular. It is improving the closeout procedure for the committee and we are receiving very positive feedback.
For members still using scorecards, please note the following:
You will need to confirm with your playing partners BEFORE the 1st tee if anyone else in the group is using a scorecard.If so please combine and mark each other’s card. If other players using app they can monitor your score on the app.
When completing a scorecard, the player is required to sign their own card and put the initials (or name) of their marker on the card. There have been a few DQ’s lately for not having the marker initials (or name) on a submitted card.
Anyone not yet using the Miscore app that is considering it. Please feel free to contact any committee member or ProShop staff member for a quick rundown of how to use the app (extremely easy). Or contact myself and I can show you before teeing off if required.
Good Golfing
Capt Kev