The time has come for you pay your membership fees for the 2020-21 golfing period.  Through the links below you will find:

  • A letter from me providing detailed information on the fees that have been agreed for the period and information on any incentives you may be entitled to in relation to your membership,
  • The Direct Debit Agreement Form that those of you wishing to pay by Direct Debit must complete and send to Ainslie’s Membership Officer (Judy O’Connor). A new one of these is required each year if you wish to pay or to continue paying by Direct Debit,
  • A Direct Debit Request Form which gives Ainslie all the necessary information associated with your Direct Debit payment, if this is the way you are choosing to pay your membership fees, and
  • The form that gives Ainslie authority to take your monthly charge from your credit card, if this is your preferred method of payment.

If you are choosing to pay via Direct Debit using your credit card you can complete the necessary documentation, scan it and send it to Judy O’Connor, the Ainslie Group Membership Officer at 

You can also, of course, put all the necessary documentation into an envelope and leave it at Reception for processing by Judy or make your payment online to the Ainslie Bank Account the details of which are:

  • BSB: 012-955
  • Account No: 836288315

If you make your payment online, be please be sure to quote your name and membership number as reference for your payment.

The club looks forward to you renewing your membership and readying yourself for the new playing year.

Richard Oliver/President

Golf Club Membership letter for 2020-21 Sept 20

Direct Debit Agreement Form 2020-21

Direct Debit request form 2020-21

Credit Card authorisation form 2020-21