Timesheets for the 2020 Club Championships will open on Thursday 24 September at 7:00pm.

Priority will be given to members entering the Championships over those wanting to play in individual day events. From 24 September to 3 October bookings will only be accepted for players choosing to play in the full 4 day event.

Members can book and pay online via the usual booking sheets. The cost to enter this year’s event is $60. Payment of $60 must be made by credit card at the time of online booking. Booking and payment will also be accepted through the Proshop.

On 24 September, the timesheet for Round 1 only will open. Once player numbers and tee times for Round 1 have been finalised the Match Committee will create bookings for remaining rounds using the same as tee time that a player has booked for Round 1. Players will have the ability to change tee times from 7 pm on 1 October 2020, provided there is a vacant tee time.

At 7pm on 3 October 2020 the timesheets for all rounds will be opened to members wishing to book for individual day competitions, payment to be made online at the time of booking or at the pro shop. Competition fees for individual day events will be $15.

As with the 2019 Club Championships, all play will be from the first tee in each round to give our greens staff maximum opportunity to present the course to the standard expected of our Championships.

It is a requirement that members have paid their 2020-21 subscription fee to play in the Club Championships. Consistent with recent advice, membership fees are payable by 1 October. Any members that book in for the event, but do not subsequently renew their membership, will be removed from the timesheets prior to the commencement of round 1.