Below is a summary from The Committee meeting on 13 August. Reports from Executive members were tabled and issues were discussed, as necessary.  Key issues noted were: 

From the President:

  • Ainslie and the Golf Club – Membership fees for 2021 will soon be agreed and be communicated to members. Increase is expected to be consistent with previous years.
  • Committee returning to undertaking closeout – The Committee has re-commenced doing the weekend closeouts.
  • Kiosks – The purchase of new Kiosks has been agreed by Ainslie and we are now in the process of checking contracts and services provided. Hopefully we will have these installed before the next meeting.
  • Prize schedule – Thanks to Mike Hogben for updating the Prize Schedule for $12 Committee competitions.
  • GLGC COVID 19 Safety Plan – Discussed with Simon (Ainslie CEO) The GLGC plan will be included as an addendum to the Ainslie COVID Plan.


  • Currently have around $112,000 in the Bank account. Access to this money is via Ainslie.

From the Men’s Captain

  • Pennants – one remaining round of pennants to be played at GLGC this season. All teams have done well this year with three hopefully qualifying to play finals. No finals to be played at GLGC.
  • Upcoming Events – Men’s open to be held 19th and 20th of September 2020 (no shotgun start on the Sunday).

Women’s Captain

  • GLGC Women’s Open 2020 – the Women’s Open has been cancelled for this year. There are two reasons for this decision.  Firstly, due to the current COVID environment and secondly, the CSGA had amended their Annual tournament to be the Monday and Tuesday of the week our open was scheduled.  This being the case, we do not believe we would get the numbers to make it a successful day. 
  • GLGC Mixed Foursomes 2020 Sunday 13 September – Entry Forms are outside the golf office and on the website.


  • Greens – currently being mowed approximately twice per week and rolled up to three times per week. Feedback from most members is that Shane and his team are producing consistent and true greens. 
  • Capeweed – continues to be a problem. Greens staff are selectively spraying areas (due to financial limitations of purchasing product at the moment).  Mowing of the rough continues as they try to keep it low – particularly in known trouble spots.  Exhaustive spraying should happen within two weeks
  • The large number of Casuarinas on the left side of 16 are to be thinned – pending government approval. These trees were originally overplanted (with the idea that there would be a few deaths – this did not happen).  By removing 1 in 3 of the trees, there will be increased light to the fairway and rough and encourage healthier turf growth.
  • The state of the fairways – we have contractors booked for the renovation work. Work is scheduled to begin on 24 August.

There were a number of papers presented and discussed, Key among these were:

  • Guidelines for Course Improvement – a paper was considered regarding the proposed Guidelines for the use of the Course Improvement Levy. Richard to discuss the proposed guidelines with the Ainslie Group and when agreed communicate to members.
  • Purchase of TurfMark Hynes provided a paper seeking funds to purchase turf for a number of areas on the course. Agreement by the committee for Dad’s Army to do the associated work after Richard has confirmed the spending with CEO Ainslie.
  • Nine Hole Competitions- currently there is an absence of any competitions for our 9-hole members to play. Fiona to talk to Murray to look at options with the preferred day and time being Thursday mornings.
  • Survey – there was discussion regarding the proposed Member Survey – including what questions should be asked. Aim is to find out from members what competition structure they would prefer.  More work to be done and then the questions to be brought back to the Committee.
  • Course Rating Changes – Kevin presented a paper recommending changes to a number of our course ratings (Men’s and Women’ off the various tees as proposed by Golf NSW (after analysis of scores etc. over the last six years). There remains the need for clarification of some issues raised.  When we have clarified some issues raised by Committee members, we will provide fulsome information to all members.  No changes are yet agreed.

Richard Oliver/President