All Members 

Below is a summary form the recent 9 July Golf Club Committee meeting:

  • CEO Ainslie has confirmed that the Spike Bar is unlike to return to its normal operation for some months yet.
  • Course maintenance and associated capital budget – A Discussion Paper on proposed capital projects and the associated expenditure has been prepared and discussed with CEO Ainslie. CEO Ainslie will now discuss this with the AFSC Board at their next Board meeting.  When there is agreement to the ongoing work program a summary will be provided to members.  The paper covered the following proposals for expenditure:
    • The further renovations work required in Spring on the fairways.
    • A number of protective screens for our female golfers on holes  where there are safety concern
    • Stump removal or grinding on stumps from where dead trees have been removed
    • Further improvements to the irrigation system
    • Improvements to the safety for residents and players on the 15th and 16th fairways
  • Kiosks – The operation of the scoring Kiosks was discussed at the meeting and with the CEO Ainslie with a view to upgrading both the software and hardware. It is recognised that our arrangements are now older technology and there is a need to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Kiosks.  Action to improve this part of the club will be taken over the coming weeks with a likely move to scanning technology. 
  • Capeweed on the course – the growth of this weed on the course was discussed with the committee and with the CEO Ainslie. It is planned to spray the course for this weed in the very early Spring.
  • Preferred lies – the Committee discussed whether the preferred lies should be extended to all mown surfaces. This was not agreed but preferred lies on the close mown surfaces will remain in place until further notice.
  • Pennants proceeding next month, notifications will be posted on Facebook and MiClub closer to date advising members about the games scheduled at our course and therefore the impact on our timesheets.
  • Work on the Club’s 25-year History Project is continuing with all components of the ‘story’ currently being written. The lead contact is Norm Loughton who would welcome a call if members think they can assist
  • The Website refresh project is progressing with the assistance of our Web expert. An audit of the existing pages has been undertaken and a style guide has been developed for what goes onto in the future.  The aim is to make the information provided better and more readable for the reader. Di Carlos is the lead Committee member for this project.

For your information.

Richard Oliver/President