Below is a summary from The Committee meeting on 11 June.

  • Reports from Executive members were tabled and issues were discussed, as necessary. From the Captains and the Match Committee:

Timesheets and restrictions

All booking restrictions have now been lifted. This coming weekend 13/06/2020 sees a return to normal two tee starts for Saturday and normal timesheets for Sunday (allowing additional social play bookings) Sunday field numbers are still higher than normal, but that is expected to reduce once normal sporting activities resuming in the near future.

Major Events

Program of major events has been finalised by the Match Committee. They are as follows:

  • June – Women’s Matchplay
  • July – Yellow course Eclectic round 2 (shortened to two rounds)
  • August – Men’s Pennants
  • September – Men’s Open Mixed Foursomes
  • October – Club Championships
  • November – Medal of Medals, Women’s Foursomes and Presentation Day (course renovations)

With a limited amount of time remaining in the year and the “norm” being to only hold one Major event per month (beside Monthly Medals) this covers the most noteworthy events for 2020.


GLGC is scheduled to host three remaining pennant matches. These are on the following dates.

Sunday 2nd August – Juniors 10:52 – 12:20 1st tee times

Sunday 9th August – B Grade Scratch 11:16 – 12:20 1st tee times

Sunday 16th August – A Grade Div-2 07:24 – 09:16 1st tee times

This will significantly reduce the available playing spots for members on all three days, but we have an obligation to fulfil our commitment to the DGA for this. We will ensure that members are notified closer to the dates.


Clinics for our women golfers are re-commencing this week.  Organisers are dividing the clinics into two to keep with the maximum numbers allowed in each class.  They are being held 4pm over the next 2 Thursday’s and 10.00am over the next  two Saturdays.  The last clinic will be on the course for a few holes on a Sunday afternoon, date to be confirmed.  Fiona Wicks is the contact point.

There were a number of papers presented and discussed, as follows:

  • Committee recommencing closeout duties and moving the fee for club competitions to $12.

Outcome – It was agreed that the Committee will recommence doing closeouts from the first weekend post the Spike Bar returning to normal operations.  The Committee competition fee will move to $12 ($10 for the Competition fee and $2 for the Course maintenance levy) when this occurs.

  • Use of Golf Carts by more than one person.

Outcome – The Committee agreed that this was a decision for Murray and the CEO Ainslie.  A majority of Committee members were supportive of the current arrangement of one to a cart remaining in place for the next week or do but, agreed that this was a decision for Murray, as he owned the carts and would manage/accept the risk of two in a cart.  Richard to speak with Murray about the Committee’s view on this matter.

  • A range of papers from the Greens Committee, as follows:
    • Protective Screens for our female players on holes 2,9 and 13
    • Irrigation Improvements
    • Spring Fairway renovations
    • Improvements for holes 15 and 16 to improve the level of safety for other players in the vicinity.

These papers were all considered separately and there was general agreement to issues raised in each.  All of these required expenditures either in the coming months or over the coming years, in the case of the improvements listed for holes 15 and 16.

Outcome – Richard to lead the drafting of a discussion paper for the consideration of the CEO Ainslie.  The paper would aim to ‘flag’ the issues raised in various papers all of which need consideration and action in relation to the repair and conditioning of the Course and an agreed funding source for implementation.  It was agreed that the discussion paper should be ready for submission to CEO Ainslie by the next Committee meeting (9 July) following consultation with the Committee and the Course Superintendent.

  • The performance of the Club’s Kiosks and the MiClub Booking System.

Outcome – The Golf Manager to investigate (consult with Club’s IT provider and MiClub) about what is required to ensure that the MiClub booking system is working effectively and that both Kiosk terminals are fully functional.  I

  • The surveying of members regarding the 2021 Program of Events

Outcome – The Committee agreed that we would survey members in relation to the 2021 Program of Honour Board events in advance of the commence of the Program. The Committee also agreed that the survey would be conducted electronically.


Richard Oliver/President