Again, only a couple of issues for this update.

You will have seen some activity in the Spike bar over the last weekend or so. The Club is still requiring all people to enter and leave via the main entrance.  This is to meet the requirements that Government has placed on them to be able to manage numbers and have a register of all people who have entered the premise.  Talking to the CEO Ainslie, we are some way away from completely normalised operations including entry to the Spike Bar from the bottom doors.

As many of you will know our Birthday Bash Lakeball game is scheduled Sunday 28 June.  We have decided that the Birthday Bash this year will be cancelled and that this game will be converted to a normal stableford round.  We are not yet in a position where we can afford to have members playing in close proximity and gathering at the end of the round for a bite to eat and a glass of something.  Next year on 6 July we turn 25 as a club and we will be planning a number of events around this milestone.  Hopefully by then the COVID 19 situation will have normalised and we can celebrate in style.

I also spoke to CEO Ainslie about Mandy, our Coffee gem.  Simon was happy to have Mandy on site until 10.00am on the weekend mornings.  After that the Club’s café opens and he is keen for us to use the Club’s service which is understandable.  Unfortunately, it was not worth Mandy’s time to only come from 6.45 – 10.00am.  She simply doesn’t sell sufficient product to make it economic for her.  Farewell Mandy and thanks for the time you spent with us.     

In closing, please remember to continue to apply all of the COVID 19 restrictions.  It is essential that we all do this if we want to stay open and operating.

Play well….

Richard Oliver/President