Only a couple of matters to touch on this week.

You may see some activity in the Spike Bar on the weekend.  This does not mean things are back to normal. Nathan, the Gungahlin Lakes venue Manager has advised that they will be opening Spike Bar for use (as a space) ‘if there are enough Golfers around to make this a worthwhile exercise’. This comes with some provisos, as follows:

  • the sale of Alcohol will be permitted, if accompanied by the sale of food,
  • there can only be 20 people maximum in each space (including the Spike Bar).
  • Beer will only be sold as bottled stock, there will be not draught beer,
  • Hours of operation for the club will be 11.00am until 4.00pm (if there are enough people around). The Bar will stay open if there are sufficient people to cover costs,  
  • Access to the Spike bar is only through main reception and the stairs. People in the Spike Bar won’t be able to access the pro-shop or the toilets on that level as the Club will be controlling door access, and
  • The Duty Managers have been instructed to ensure the current social distancing restrictions are adhered to.

Open but not really yet…..  From next Friday at midnight venues will be allowed 100 people which should see a stronger return to ‘more normal’.

The Golf Club Committee met on Thursday night.  Watch out for the minutes which will be published in the next few days.

In relation to the use of carts by two people, this is a matter for Murray and the CEO Ainslie.  Talking with Murray he has chosen to stay with one in a cart for at least next week.  The Committee, was supportive of this decision.  It is likely that in the next couple of weeks Cart usage will return to normal.  Hang in there people who want to share a cart….soon.

Mandy, our wonderful coffee lady, will not be at the club this weekend and unless we can come to a more agreeable arrangement with the Ainslie Group (who now have opened their café), she may not be returning.  Our time with Mandy has been great but it needs to be worth her while (as a business owner) to come to us early each weekend morning.  More on this when we know where we are up to.

Play well….

Richard Oliver/President