Members would have recently noticed a considerable amount of work being undertaken by the greens staff as well as volunteers.  Removing dangerous and damaging trees throughout the course is a priority.  In our attempts to remove the dirt piles on the side of 1 and 9, we are identifying areas that present opportunities for future course improvements.  For instance, the area to the right of the 6th tee is being shaped to open up the option of a future alternative tee – this is a medium to long term project.  There will be other areas where this dirt can be distributed around the course, in a way that can support future structural improvements.  We will keep members informed of further plans.

The back of the 4th green is also under construction thanks to Dad’s Army. Thank you also to long time member Mark Porecca for his donation of his time, his bobcat and his truck.  In addition to being a source of frustration for many golfers, this garden bed was a high maintenance item, and has been removed with the view to having it as a section of rough.

Over the winter months, members will note that there will be extensive work to the water hazards around the course.  The newly purchased reach mower is already being utilised to trim to the water’s edge and neaten up the area without the use of herbicides, which can contribute to erosion around our waterways. 

Mark Hynes

Greens Chair