All Members

This will be a very short update as there is little to report at the beginning of this week.  CEO Ainslie has requested that the status-quo remain in place until the ACT Government softens the current COVID 19 restrictions, which we are still hoping will occur in the near future.  The specific measures that have been mentioned in my recent updates will remain in place until further notice  with the course continuing to operate on each week day (except Mondays) and on both weekend days.  The Pro-team will continue to run competitions on each of the ‘open’ days except for Thursdays which will be available for social play via bookings though the Pro-shop. The course will remain closed on Mondays until further notice.

Remember, should you be keen to play some additional competition games over and above the two currently allowed, feel free to check the time-sheet for the next day after 4.00pm on the day prior, for any vacant slots.


Richard Oliver/President