Below is a summary of the issues discussed and outcomes from the meeting on 14 May.

Reports form members of the Executive were tabled and taken as read.

A range of papers were tabled and discussed with the following outcomes:

  • The application of an Administration/Joining fee that applies to new members to the club was discussed. Currently other clubs in the region have taken decisions to not apply this type of fee for a period of time.  The Committee agree that this was a sensible strategy in the context of trying to expand our membership base and remain competitive in a tight golfing marketCEO Ainslie has agreed that the fee will be removed for a period of six months and will add this to the current radio advertisements.
  • Tuesday Competitions – The Committee discussed whether or not there should be some priority given to Gungahlin Lakes members. Committee agreed in-principle that a way of giving priority to members should be explored with Murray.  A discussion will be held with Murray to how this might be best implemented.  Gungahlin Lakes members should watch for slots on the time sheets that may be reserved for our members.
  • 25-year History Project – The Club’s 25th birthday is on 6 July 2021. The Committee agreed to formally support the development of a short document presenting the first 25 years of the Clubs existence and operation.  A small team will come together and start the work required. If members have information or photos, they think might be suitable to include, please talk to Norm Loughton.
  • Competition fees for Club run competitions – The Committee has agreed to lift the price of Club run competitions from $10 to $12 from when the Committee assumes responsibility for running the weekend competitions. This will mean that both the Pro-comps and Club-comps will be similarly priced at $12. Members should be aware that this remains cheaper than the competitions run by all (we think) other clubs, most of whom are priced at $14.
  • Handicap ranges – The current handicap ranges were discussed with the Committee agreeing to a very slight adjustment to the handicap range to ensure that the Grades/Divisions are appropriately balanced. More information on these will be provided to members from the Captains and Vice-Captain in the near future via the Website and the Club’s Facebook page.
  • Website redesign – The existing Website was discussed with the aim of improving its usability and content. A sub-group has been formed which will take the lead in undertaking this work.  The aim of this project to provide members with a Website that is more intuitive, content accurate, and better linked to the other Website operated by the Ainslie Group and Murray, the Club’s professional. 
  • Funding for the further repair of the Course – Funding for the further rectification work on the remaining six fairways (yet to be sanded) was discussed. We will further discuss with the CEO Ainslie.  Our aim is to be bring the course back to its previous high quality by sanding the remaining six fairways and put a very lighting dusting of sand on the other fairways. Agreement to the necessary funding will be for a discussion between Ainslie and the Committee.

For your information.

Richard Oliver/President