All Members 

This afternoon our District Golf Association participated in a web meeting with ACT Sport & Recreation following announcements by the Chief Minister and Minister for Sport that a gradual easing of restrictions to allow for the phased resumption of sport within the ACT have been approved.

The easing restrictions in the ACT comes into effect as at midnight on Friday 15 May 2020.

For golf within the ACT, this means that clubs may return to four-person golf once they are be satisfied that they have put in place arrangements to ensure their compliance with the ACT Government’s requirements.

The following are key principles that underpin the easing of restrictions:

  • The continuing need for all participants to adhere to social/physical distancing requirements remains paramount.
  • The current guidance in accordance with the AIS guidance is Get In-Train/Play-Get Out.  In other words, attend in time to play-play-do not linger at the venue.
  • The 10-person maximum gathering restriction is a strict requirement and does not extend to social gatherings after play.
  • There is to be no physical contact between participants (no handshakes, continue to mark your own cards to avoid contact and use the hand sanitisers as provided etc)
  • Persons who are unwell must not attend or participate in the sport.
  • The ACT Government expects that clubs develop and implement a “Return to Play in a COVID-safe Environment” framework that is consistent with ACT Government guidelines, Public Health Directions and considers the recommendations outlined in the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment. This framework will guide the “operational” delivery of social sport and how participants, staff, volunteers and spectators all engage within this.  This framework should be publicly available to members and staff, and should be regularly reviewed by club management.
  • Clubs are responsible to ensure they comply with extant directions.

The ACT Government Fact Sheet concerning the return to social sport and recreation is available here:

The temporary rule changes approved by Golf Australia, including other measures associated with marking of cards, flag sticks, rakes etc remain in place until changed by Golf Australia.

This is welcome and good news for golfers in the ACT.

The key message the ACT Government has stressed is we all need to do this right to ensure we protect our members and our community.

What does this mean for us?

Saturdays and Sundays time-sheets have been modified to allow for groups of four.

Due to the changes we have had to delete all members bookings to allow for the modification of the time-sheets. The new time-sheets will open at 7pm Thursday night for this Saturday 16 May) and time-sheets will open at 7pm Friday for this Sunday (17 May).

All members booked for these days should receive an email notifying them of the changes.  It is important that these folks note, they will need to rebook their times.

We will be running a one-tee start for this weekend. Next weekend we are hoping to revert to normal bookings of a two-tee start on Saturdays and one tee start on Sundays.  Please note that this need to be confirmed with the CEO Ainslie and the Course Superintendent, as there are staffing implications in these changes. I do not expect there to be any issues on the part of the Ainslie Group.

For mid-week games, booking arrangements will revert to normal including four-person tee-offs.

All booking restrictions will now be lifted.

Your Committee thanks all members for their patience during these tough and changing times.

Let’s go golfing….

Richard Oliver/President