Hi Everyone,
Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t actually a train coming to run us all over !
With the easing of restrictions in the ACT, the committee has implemented the following:
This Saturday and Sunday will remain as groups of two (a lot of hassle and short notice to manipulate the timesheets). Please adhere to the groups (no joining groups on the course. Penalty = disqualification)
The time-sheets for next week that are already open (Tue and Wed) will be changed to groups of four. If you have already booked, please check your bookings next week to confirm.
Friday competitions will continue while ever they prove to be popular and well patronised.
Next weekend will return to normal timesheets for both Saturdays and Sundays. Booking restrictions will also be lifted.
I would personally like to thank firstly our members for their patience and consideration over the last few weeks. It has been tough for us all. Secondly the great committee members that have frantically worked behind the scenes having meetings and discussions daily to get things organised
Good golfing and stay safe
Capt Kev