All members

In consultation the Ainslie CEO it has been agreed that the course will open for competition and social play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and the weekend days commencing tomorrow 7 April.  All competitions will be run by the Pro-shop team. 

In the approaching Easter period, the course will be open for an additional day (Monday 12 April) on which the Pro-shop team will run a competition. This will not be an Invitational event.  The course will not be open on Good Friday (10 April). Time sheets will be available for members from this afternoon to use in booking in for their games. Pro-shop staff will be able to accept social bookings made via the phone on the days that the course is open.

Play on other days of the week will be considered as part of the regular review process and advice regarding this possibility, will be available early in the week commencing 12 April. Please check the Website and Facebook pages for further updates.

All players must comply strictly comply with the following health measures:

Social distancing

  • Groups will comprise two players only.
  • Players are to keep four meters between themselves and their playing partner at all times. Failure to adhere to the distancing guidelines may see individuals and the Ainslie Group fined and may cause the closure of the course.  We know Police are carrying out spot checks.


  • Players must enter their own hole scores on the scorecard.
  • Enter your Marker’s score on your card e.g. your scorecard should have both sets of scores recorded.  
  • It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores. Some form of verbal certification should take place.
  • Write your Marker’s name where your Marker would normally sign.
  • Scorecards are to be entered into the kiosk as usual.  Please use a pencil or tee when ‘tapping’ the screen.  Doing this will alleviate the need to touch the screen with any part of one’s person. Once the scores have been entered place your cards into the box, as you would normally do.


  • Players MUST leave the flagstick in the hole at all times when putting. Players should not need to touch any flagsticks while playing.

The Hole

  • A device will be in each hole to ensure that players can lift their ball easily out of the hole without touching the sides of the cup.  A ball at rest in the hole will be considered to be holed even if it is not entirely below the level of the hole.
  • Do not pick-up another person’s golf ball.


  • Rakes have been removed from all Bunkers.  Players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club after their shot.
  • Should your ball come to rest in an area that has not been ‘smoothed’ adequately, players my place their ball within a card length of the affected lie.  Good practice would be to consult your playing partner if you deem it necessary ‘place’ your ball.    

Sand Buckets

  • Sand buckets should continue to be used to fill divots. We would like members to take home a sand buck and treat it as theirs until these measures are no longer required. If you already have a sand bucket at home, then bring this to golf and use it and of course take it home with you.  We are keen for this possible transmission method to be eliminated, as much as it can be.  The club will purchase new buckets to supplement our existing supply to ensure we have sufficient buckets to enable this measure.  


  • Due to the risk of transmission, only single-player use of golf carts will be permitted.   


  • Players should putt one at a time. This measure will keep players from standing in close proximity with others, thereby further reducing the possibility of transmission.


  • No more than two people are to be in the Pro-shop at any one time.
  • Payments are by card only. No cash will be accepted.
  • There is to be limited social interaction at the Club prior to, or at the conclusion of your game of golf. Members are to arrive no sooner that 20 minutes before their allocated tee time, play golf, and then depart the Club.
  • Golf Carts to be returned to the cart parking area near the practice nets.
  • Golf cart keys are to be returned to the Pro-shop and placed in the container provided.
  • Pull buggies must be returned to the Pro-shop for cleaning.
  • The Driving Range will be open on the days that the Pro-shop is open but social distancing is to apply – four meters between each player practicing is required.
  • Range buckets to be left up on the range (staff will collect for cleaning). 

Members in ‘categories of concern’ primarily those over 65 years of age and indigenous members over 50 years are asked to think seriously about whether by playing they would be putting their health at greater risk.  The health of our players is our pre-eminent concern and we ask that you take seriously the health risks of playing when you may be susceptible to transmission.

Good golfing.

Richard Oliver/President