All Members

As you may have heard from the discussion in the media, things are looking up and a number of states are moving to allow groupings/gatherings of 10.  For us this means that when the ACT Government gives its imprimatur for the larger grouping, we hope to quickly return to grouping of four off the Tee.  However, until we have the formal clearances the current pairs grouping will continue.

From the last couple of weeks….

  • Members are to continue to limit themselves to booking in advance for two (2) competition games per week only. AS noted before this allows everyone the greatest opportunity to plan and play their golf.
  • Members are welcome to book in for additional competitions rounds of golf if there is a vacant spot after 4.00pm on the day prior to the competition.
  • All Honour Board events: Monthly Medals, Matchplay events etc. are suspended.  A further decision on which Honour Board events will be run in 2020 will be taken when physical distancing restrictions are relaxed. For the time being all events are Pro-shop run competitions.
  • Timesheets for both Saturday and Sunday events will now be open at the same time – 7 pm on the Saturday of the weekend prior.
  • The toilets at the halfway house will remain open but we all need to be very conscious about the cleanliness of this facility. Please use the disinfectant provided and have some personal hand sanitiser to use, post using the toilet.  Remember, the COVID 19 virus remains on stainless steel for much longer than it remains on other surfaces.   If the toilets are to remain open, we the users, must take every precaution.  The toilets are cleaned every day that the course is open and will be locked on the days that it is not.

New for the week commencing 4 May…….

  • We have Ainslie’s agreement for the course to be open for an extra day which will be Thursday. Competitions will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the course open for social play on Thursdays and on each of the afternoons on the days that competitions are played.     

As noted earlier, we are nearly back to normal operations and for this progress to continue we need people to adhere strictly to the COVID 19 measures.  If you see someone not doing the ‘right’ thing, please gently remind them that the course remaining open is dependent on players adhering to the measures.

Finally, we have had very positive feedback about Mandy and her Time for Coffee van.  She has agreed to be at the club on Saturdays and Sundays from 6.45 am until 12.00 noon for the next few weeks to see how things go.  I am sure that if business is good for her she will want to be become a regular fixture.  I encourage everyone to get to the club a little early and grab a cuppa  and say hi to Mandy before your game, of course remembering the physical distancing requirements.    

Good golfing.

Richard Oliver/President