Items discussed at the meeting and actions arising are as follows:

  • Capital Management Plan – Feedback from the members in relation to the plan has been limited.  We will now discuss the plan more fully with Ainslie to agree work and equipment purchases to be funded by the Golf Club and Ainslie in the 2020 golfing year.
  • Member numbers are being discussed with Ainslie and Murray in the context of continuing to grow these.  We currently have 538 members across the various categories. This is slightly up on the 2019 figure.
  • Penalty area marking is underway – the current red stakes are being removed and replaced with a line marking the edge of the penalty area.  In accordance with the Rules of Golf, if your ball is resting on the line the ball is classed as in the Penalty Area.
  • Now that our dams are back at full capacity, Shane and his team are busy doing whatever they can to return our fairways to their former quality.  Irrigation of the fairways has resumed and will continue as deemed appropriate.
  • The fairways have been scarified to encourage the growth and to establish a seed bed for the over-sowing that has recently occurred.  Approximately four tonnes of rye seed has been spread on the fairways and tees, with a number of the fairways also being sown with a special grass to deter birds from feeding.  Around  five tonnes of fertiliser has also been spread.  Some weed growth is occurring on the fairways which cannot be sprayed until the grass seed has germinated and become established.  We are hoping that we can spraying the weed growth within the next few weeks.  We are hoping that the fairways will in in very good order with six to seven weeks.
  • A gathering of the club’s Juniors’ community was planned for Thursday 19 March.  Unfortunately, this gathering had to be cancelled due to recent Covid 19 restrictions.  Our thanks to Amanda McLoughlin for her work and planning in relation to the Junior activities.  A range of coaching clinics are planned in the coming months which will be conducted by Ross McLoughlin and our new Professional Gary Dowling. The committee noted its appreciation of the work being done in support of the Juniors.
  • There was no monthly financial information provided to the Golf Club by the Ainslie Group, which meant there could be no financial discussions at the Committee meeting.  We will be discussing this with Ainslie, in that we must have information against which our accounts can be regularly examined.
  • Advice on the Covid 19 virus and the associated restrictions will be distributed to members as it becomes available from Golf Australia and the Ainslie Group.  Members are asked to check the posts on the Website (MiClub) regularly.  A post was loaded late last week providing and update.

Richard Oliver/President