Dear Members,

Many of you may already be aware that a new World Handicapping System (WHS) will be introduced on 30 January. Details of the forthcoming changes can be found via this link and Golf Australia will shortly be emailing information to all Australian golf club members with further details of the changes.

While there are a number of changes, it is useful for members to know that the WHS involves less change for Australia than it does for any other country. We encourage you to start reviewing the material available to understand what changes to expect. The main changes that Australian golfers will experience include the introduction of a 3 shot ‘Soft Cap ‘, a ‘bonus’ handicap reduction following exceptional scores, and changes to the way in which GA and Daily handicaps are calculated.

In regard to handicap changes, our male members will generally see an increase in their daily handicap of 1 shot when playing off the blue tees reflecting the fact that our blue course has a scratch rating of 73 compared to the par rating of 72. Our women members will see an increase in their daily handicap of 2 shots when playing off the red tees allowing for the scratch rating of 74 compared to par of 72. When playing off the white tees, male members will generally see a 2 shot reduction in the daily handicap from their usual while tee handicap due to the scratch rating of 70 compared to par of 72. It is important to note that members are not required to take any action in relation to these changes as handicap will continue to be calculated through our computer system and printed on cards.

Members may have also heard that maximum allowable handicaps will increase to 54 for both male and female members. While this is the case, the Match Committee has taken a decision to retain maximum handicaps for the majority of our competitions at 36 for men and 45 for women. This will apply to both GLGC members and visitors, and for some events such as our Open events we will continue to have lower maximum handicaps. This decision has been taken in line with our commitment to ensure rounds of golf at our course can be played in a reasonable time. The Match Committee will be monitoring the changes once the new system is in-place to review the policy and ensure members are not overly advantaged/disadvantaged.

We are currently undertaking detailed analysis of our current competition handicap grade ranges, both we regard to the impact of the changes but also to ensure they grades are fair and equitable to all players. We will provide further information on any changes to handicap ranges shortly.

Please note that there will be no immediate handicapping on any rounds played on the 27th January through to the 30th of January. Any rounds played on these dates will be uploaded and handicapped after the 30th of January .

Good golfing to you all for the New Year 

Capt Kev

PS  Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other committee member if you have any questions or concerns.