All Members

  • The meeting opened with a discussion on the Capital Works Program for 2020.   This part of the meeting was joined by Steven Morgan who has agreed to assist manage projects we do on the course now Norm Loughton will not be providing this service.  There was general agreement that the early focus should be on the repair of the course post the very dry period. This will take significant effort and time and will require funds from the Course Maintenance Levy collected throughout the year. Any other projects considered worthy will be delayed until the course is again in very good condition.  The Committee is considering what other projects that might be done, post the repair effort.
  • Noting the dire state of the course, the Committee also discussed whether we needed to increase the competition fee for Club competitions to $12 (which would be in-line with the fee Murray has for the pro-comps) with the additional $2 going to monies to be used in repairing the course.  We are very mindful that we will need extra money for this purpose and that increasing the competition fee is one way of raising some of the additional funded needed.  It was agreed that we would see what the coming month brings in terms of rain and its effect on the course, and that we would reassess whether we needed the additional funds at the next meeting/s.   
  • There was discussion about whether we should move to preferred lies or tee-up on the fairways. After consultation with the Course Superintendent and discussion in the meeting, it was agreed that neither would be implemented at this stage.
  • The Revised Objects and Rules have been ratified by the Ainslie Board and signed by the CEO.  The revised version has been uploaded to the Website.
  • New Guidance Statements have been added to the website on the Lifestyle membership category and the Club’s Extreme Heat Policy.  
  • The recent website posts updating members on the water situation were noted and appeared to be receiving good feedback from members. 
  • The CFO of the AFSC has informed me that the 2000 points owed to members with 10 years of continuous club membership have been uploaded to those members Ainslie cards. 
  • The 2020 Members Handbook is currently being finalised and should be uploaded to the website in the near future.  There are a few dates that we need to finalise the playing schedule which we we have very soon.  Until the book is available check Splash for the upcoming events.  These are listed in the newsletter for your information.
  • The Club will no longer be hosting the Australian Boys Amateur Championships in April of this year.  We were not prepared to host the event for the amount of money offered to the Club by Golf Australia and the disruption to our members and the playing schedule.      

­­­­­­­­­Richard Oliver/President