The club has had to take further steps to protect the diminishing water supply. These steps have now been in place for a couple of weeks and are likely to remain in place until such time as there is substantial rain to replenish the dams.  We have now unfortunately had to stop watering the fairways. Between the lack of water and the evaporation rates, together with the detrimental effect of the high winds to the watering itself, the water situation has continued to deteriorate over the past couple of weeks.  With no rain of significance on the horizon, these steps have been required to safeguard supplies as they stand and ensure we have enough to concentrate on more vulnerable and higher priority areas of the course. Considering the amount of work we have done to improve the fairways in the past couple of years, this is a tough call and has not been made lightly.

The areas watered will now be greens and tees (excluding the tee-carry). Greens preservation will remain the priority should any further reductions be required in the future. While we are currently pumping from Gungahlin pond, this remains a limited resource and we will be informed by Government when he has to cease this. The next review of this facility is expected to be in the next few weeks. Hopefully we will be permitted to continue pulling some water from the larger pond.

Going forward we will now be pumping at a reduced rate in the region of 250-300 kl per day, down from 1.2 ml and the more recent 800 kl/day.  Of note the main dam is now down to about 3 m depth down from 4 m two weeks ago despite the recent reductions and the pumping from Gungahlin pond.  What is being pumped in from Gungahlin pond now is hoped will keep our levels at somewhere near the status quo.

As an aside, can I ask that if you see Shane and his team, you say hi and thank him for all of the work he and the team are doing.  The pumps that you will have seen working on the course have a run-time of around 3-4 hours and it has been Shane and a few others (Mark Hynes is one) who have been coming to the course to refuel the pumps so that we can continue pumping the water from the main Gungahlin pond.  Shane has been doing this for weeks now at a significant impost to his family and personal life balance.  Additionally, you may have noticed the team hand watering the Greens and their surrounds. There is simply no one more dedicated and we are incredibly lucky to have him and his small team.

For your information.

Richard Oliver/President