All members

As you are all aware we have had very little rain over the last six  weeks resulting in declining dam levels on course and,  as such, I thought it important to update you both on the current situation and actions taken to nurse the course through worrying period.

This is the current situation with the dams on the course (Shane, our Superintendent and Mark Hynes measured the levels late last week) is:

  • dam between the 18th Tee and second fairway a remaining depth of 1 meter 
  • dam on 10th / 13th  a remaining depth of 1.5 to 2 meters 
  • dam between the 2nd and 3rd is empty.
  • the main dam in front of the club has a remaining depth of 4 meters.

Late last week the club received permission from ACT Environment Protection to access limited water from Gungahlin Pond and if the situation become dire we may also be able to pump limited water from Yerrabi Ponds. This is positive news and provides a major back-up to our current supply.  However, we need to use this water sparingly to ensure we are seen as responsible in the eyes of Government and the community.  Fundamentally, this about keeping the course alive until rain arrives.  We cannot afford to be seen as abusing the privilege afforded to us and have the Government revoke the concession.

Some water conservation measures we have now employed are:

  • we have turned off irrigation to the Tee carries (ground between the Tee Box and the Fairway)
  • we have detuned the Tee and fairway irrigation cycles. The norm is two cycles of 15 minutes which we now have moved to 10 minutes twice a night.
  • we are watering the Green surrounds every second night and the Greens every night.
  • During the day Shane and his team our out hand watering any drier areas on the greens – the greens are the most important course asset
  • in total we have reduced reduced watering to 800,000 liters to the whole course (down from approx. 1.2meg). This sounds like a lot but is barely enough when battling the current temperatures and wind.

Shane is confident that we can make it to the end of January with what we have at the moment and maintaining the current watering program. Worst case is that he will have to halve the water on the Fairways and possibly the Tees.

Shane and his team are doing an extremely good job managing a tough situation in conjunction with maintaining a well presented course.  That said we, as members, need to ensure our expectations are measured and accommodating of the current situation. 

This information has been provided both for your information and so that you can tell friends and family should the watering of the golf course be raised with you, noting the current restrictions in force. Please assure anyone who raises the issue with you that we are being very responsible and simply trying to keep the course alive, until rain falls.  


Richard Oliver/President