We have received a range of questions regarding the Lifestyle membership category arrangements over recent months.  In this context we felt that it would be useful to provide some additional information for members and friends of members who are considering joining the club in this category of membership.

For the 2019/20 Golfing year the GLGC Committee have replaced the existing Flexi 20 membership with a new points-based ‘Lifestyle’ membership category.  Unlike the Flexi 20 membership the Lifestyle membership will allow members to select which competitions they would like to play in and have points deducted depending upon the day or type of event the competition.  It will be easier for members to see how many points they have used/have left within a Golf year and will allow for easier administration of events throughout the year.

How does it Work?

Lifestyle membership requires a member to “purchase” 1000 points.  Each competition event is allocated a set number of points which are then deducted when the member enters that event.

  • Saturday, Sunday and all Public Holiday events are allocated 50 points – a member could play 20 of these events throughout the year.
  • Wednesday competitions which are not held on public holidays are allocated 40 points for each event.
  • Only the Tuesday competitions, Open Competitions, Pennant team representational games, Friday 9 Hole competitions and social play will not require the use of points.
  • Social play is allowed on all days without points being deducted but social golf on weekends can only be played after 2.00pm and cannot be played within a registered competition.
  • When playing for a handicap (3 cards/scores are required) zero points will be deducted.

What happens if a Lifestyle member runs out of points?

If a member uses their 1000 points before the end of the Golf year, they are allowed to purchase additional points at any time throughout the Golf Year.  250 additional points can be purchased on line by a Lifestyle member at an additional cost of $200 through the Miclub Members Home page (My Points) portal.

Alternatively, a Lifestyle member could choose to join the Club as a 7, 6 and 5-day member by paying the prorated amount for the relevant membership category. This would likely be more cost effective than purchasing additional points.  This is a decision for the individual.  Members are welcome to consult the Golf Manager/Secretary or staff in the Pro-shop, in considering which membership category is best for them in seeking to extend their playing rights.  

If you choose to take up a lifestyle membership and pay by Direct Debit, you are obligated to pay to the full amount owing even if you use all of your points before your monthly payments are finished. Failure to make the remaining monthly payments will see you deemed unfinancial and you will lose your playing rights.

What happens if I don’t use all my points within the Golf Year?

Points cannot be carried over to a future year, transferred or gifted.  Any points not used by the 30 September each year will be lost.

Other conditions Lifestyle members should be aware of.

  • Lifestyle Membership payments cannot be prorated like other membership categories. There is a single flat rate applied irrespective of when a member joins the club in this category of membership.  If someone is joining part way through the golfing/membership year they should assess carefully whether it is better value to join as a Lifestyle member or pay the prorated amount for one of the other categories.
  • Lifestyle members:
    • are required to pay an Administration fee of $100 and the Water Levy ($80) when they first join the Club.
    • membership can be paid by direct debit. The amount of each monthly payment will vary depending on when the member commences his or her payments. When paying by Direct Debit a 10% levy for administrative purposes will be applied. New members wishing to pay by Direct Debit should contact the Club’s Golf Manager/Secretary or the Ainslie Football and Social Club Membership Officer.  
    • who play in Invitational events, will lose points applicable to the day (Saturday, Sunday or the day on which the invitational game is being played). Member’s guests will be required to pay the invitational rate of the day.
    • cannot play in a competition as a guest of another member

    • will be eligible to participate in Pennant Teams.

    • have full Golf Club voting rights.
    • are eligible and have equal access when nominating to play in the Club Championships, subject to availability of sufficient points, prior to entry.

Key contacts.

 For general information:

Golf Manager/Secretary

Email: gungahlinlakes@gmail.com

Telephone: (02) 6180-0821


Phone (02) 6242 4662

 For payment arrangements:

The Ainslie Football and Social Club Membership Officer

            Telephone: (02) 6242 6283 (ask for the Club’s Membership Officer (Judy O’Connor).

Good golfing…..

Richard Oliver/President