It is timely to remind Members of actions to be taken in the case of extreme heat and general hydration on the course. We have recently had a Member suffer an incident due to dehydration.

This advice takes into account not only players but also officials and volunteers involved in the conduct of tournaments on the course. It includes measures that golfers, volunteers and officials should take to counter the impact of play in extreme heat conditions based on recommendations from the nationally based Sports Medicine Association (SMA). The club’s general policy is to allow individuals to make their own decisions whether or not to play in club or Pro-competitions where the forecast is for very hot weather (38 degrees C and above).

It is the individual’s responsibly to manage their health at a time of extreme heat. We would ask all players to think hard about whether to play or not. However, if you choose to play on a day forecast to be 38 degrees or above, we would ask, at minimum, you do the following:

  • Wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing
    • Wear a hat and apply 50+ sunscreen
    • Take 20ml of fluid (water or sports drink) per kg of body weight, one hour before commencement of play
    • Carry adequate quantities of fluid and remain hydrated during play There are drinking fountains by the 4th tee, stream on 7th, halfway house lavatory and path to the 10th tee and chilled water in the Spike Bar.
    • Ensure that you have eaten properly
    • On completion of your round drink water or a sports drink to re-hydrate, and
    • If feeling dizzy or unwell during play, immediately notify your playing partners to ensure arrangements are made for assistance to be provided, as appropriate.

On days where the forecast is projected to be 38 degrees C or hotter all Honour Board and Monthly Medal events will be postponed, and rescheduled to the next appropriate date.  When an Honour Board or Monthly Medal event is postponed an optional Stableford event will be made available. Should members choose to play in these competitions, they do so at their own risk.

Where practical, players will be notified of any cancellation or modification of playing arrangements via a MiClub message and an email to those registered in the relevant event.